10 Best Rated R Movie Clips

If you're looking to find the ten best Rated R movie clips ever made, then look no further than these ultra-violent masterpieces from cinema's very own history. Filmmaking has displayed a mass number of violent Rated R material ever since the 1970's, generating a number of violent films ranging from "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" to "RoboCop" and beyond. Compared to real life, cinema is perhaps the best outlet for violence period and it should remain that way. 

  1. Murphy's Death from "RoboCop." The best Rated R movie clip of all time resides in the death of Officer Murphy in "RoboCop." Following a highway chase, Officers Murphy and Lewis track Clarence Boddicker's vicious gang to an abandoned sludge plant where the duo is split up, resulting in the gang cornering Murphy and shooting him to death, leading to the birth of RoboCop himself.
  2. Wedding Shoot-out from "New Jack City." In the ultra-violent early '90s gangster masterpiece, Nino Brown and his gang attend a lavish wedding which ends in gunfire when a rival Italian mob attempt take him out, resulting in deaths and bloodshed. Not to mention, Nino himself using a little girl as a bullet-shield.
  3. Apartment Raid from "Dawn of the Dead ('78)." In this sequence from the 1978 original film, military and police forces close in on an apartment complex in the Philadelphia ghetto where residents are protecting and hiding their zombified loved ones. What results is a mass genocide of exploding heads, unintentional deaths, and uncontrollable madness and hysteria. 
  4. Bedroom Shoot-out from "Predator 2." Raunchy sex, gangs, murder, drug-lords, guns, and an intelligent camouflaged alien. Now that's what I call Rated R. A Jamaican cartel breaks into the penthouse apartment of a Colombian drug-lord while he's in the middle of getting it on with a hot chick in order to kill him. Then the Predator joins the party and kills everyone but the naked hot chick. 
  5. Escalator Chase from "Total Recall." Caught in the midst of a conspiracy, Douglas Quaid (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) is on the run from Richter (Michael Ironside) and his men as they chase him up a series of heavily-crowded escalators. People are aggressively shoved aside, blown away, and injured in this fast-paced action scene.
  6. Final Transformation from "Curse II: The Bite." Heroine Lisa Snipes (played by Jill Schoelen) flees from her fallen boyfriend Clark Newman (played by J. Eddie Peck) as his infected snake bite finally takes toll. The two go from a car to a drain pipe to a pool of mud where Clark vomits snakes of all assorted types and sizes onto her before finally becoming a snake himself.
  7. Final Transformation from "The Fly." In this climatic scene from 1986 remake of "The Fly," Seth Brundle (played by Jeff Goldblum) begins his final transformation into the dreaded Fly creature as all of his humanoid skin is shedded, a battle ensues between him and the two heroes, cue lots of blood, gore, despair, and fly vomit. Enough said.
  8. Rape Sequence from "Strange Days." Lenny Nero (played by Ralph Fiennes) receives a recorded disc that depicts the rape and murder of a prostitute whom he met with briefly before her actual death. The disc follows the rapist as he sneaks into the apartment, chases the prostitute to the bathroom where he blindfolds and handcuffs her then proceeds to rip away her clothes.
  9. Self-Biopsy from "The Terminator." After a brutal car chase, the T-800 model Terminator (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) has sustained considerable damage and must make repairs to himself. He does so in a dim lit dirty bathroom in which he removes damaged parts of his face/body, including his eyeball. This Rated R movie clip is nothing short of dark, disturbing, and nightmarish.
  10. Kane's Son from "Alien." The sequence in which Kane (played by John Hurt) gave birth to the Chestburster was not only one of the most cinematically-changing moments but was one of the best Rated R movie clips ever depicted. Kane's Chestbuster sequence is definitely not for the faint-hearted.
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