10 Best Rated Twin Air Mattresses 2009

What are the 10 best rated twin air mattresses in 2009? How you ever slept on an air mattress? It’s like sleeping on air, because you are. A good alternative to a floor or dirt bed while camping. You don't always have access to a real bed, so here are our ten best twin air mattresses.

  1. Aerobed is given five big ol’ stars. It’s comfortable, portable and goes camping when there is a second bed needed for a guest.
  2. Sleep Number is one of the best air beds on the market. Why? You can adjust this mattress for whatever firmness you like when sleeping and get your comfort zone.
  3. Comfortair rates right up there with the best twin air mattress. Comfort and air equals less back pain on airbeds.
  4. Greatland Flocked. Flocked means it has a smooth "material" top on it, so you aren’t on the plastic/rubber side of the air mattress. Great for camping and inflatable and inexpensive.
  5. The Coleman Air mattress go about 50-50 on the good and bad. It’s reliable; after all, it is a Coleman, but reliability and comfort are two different things. Users complained about discomfort over long sleep periods. Overall, a good bed for short trips or for the napping traveller.
  6. Ozark Trail Twin Size Air Mattress from Wal-Mart. It's no frills, but it works and for ten bucks who can really complain. It is flocked though, so we guess that is one frill.
  7. Intex Pillow Rest Air mattress is sold at most department stores. It has a built in air pump and rayon flocked topper. Available for about $40 or $50.
  8. Easy Riser Flocked Twin is great for camping and travelling and it has a detachable air pump. It's sturdy and unpoppable (as far as that goes) and is available for less than $60.
  9. Kelty Sleep Well Air mattress works great and camps well. Like any air mattress, this one folds down into a compact carrying bag. A little more pricey than the Easy Rider.
  10. Home Trends Raised Air Mattress by Wal-Mart is a great mattress that works at home for that extra guest area. It's cheap, but is reliable enough to justify the cash. 
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