10 Best R&B Break Up Songs

The 10 best R&B Break up Songs are all great beats with moving vocals that will help you through a tough break up. Whether you want a song that will help get out all the tears, or one that will let you cease crying to keep moving forward. These are all great songs, ones that you definitely should consider while making that break up playlist.

  1. John Legend, "Everybody Knows" John Legend is known for his beautiful singing and excellent melodies, reminiscent of Coldplay's soulful singing. In this song, John Legend expresses the sadness of letting go and difficulties of moving on alone. With his beautiful lyrics and the song's overall sadness, this is one of the 10 best R&B break up songs.
  2. Tamia, "Officially Missing You" This song is the perfect break up song for someone whose recently become single. The song expresses the sadness and overwhelming confusion that can follow a breakup. This break up song is perfect if you find yourself lost and alone, needing to hear some words that will help explain just how you feel.
  3. Lauryn Hill, "Ex Factor" An honest expression about relationships and the difficulty in letting go, Lauryn Hill's song is particularly jarring with its truthful lyrics. The song is a great portrayal about the chaos in ending and refusing to finish a relationship. If you need a song to express a difficult break up, this is the one for you.
  4. Ciara, "So Hard" Whether you've just gone through a break up, or you're still getting over a relationship from a few months back, this song is perfect for you. Ciara expresses the difficulty in moving on and trusting again after being hurt in a trusting committed relationship. On top of it's great lyrics, Ciara sings this song beautifully.
  5. Usher, "Burn" If you've just had to end a relationship with a loved one, this is the perfect song. For the one that has to say goodbye, this song's lyrics express the reasons for why the relationship must end. The song is honest and sad, one of the best expressive break up song you should definitely hear.
  6. Mary J. Blige, "Not Gon' Cry" This is truly one of the best break up songs ever. Mary J. Blige has assertive lyrics, where there is no room for self-blame in a true analysis of how one can be wronged in a one-sided relationship. Her emotional and angry words are inspiring for anyone striving to move on being wiser than before.
  7. Chris Brown, "Say Goodbye" This entire song tells the story of a man who is breaking up with a girl. The song expresses the attempts not to hurt another person and the love that is still there. It's truly one of the 10 best R&B break up songs, especially if you're the one that had to be tough and end things.
  8. Nivea, "Breathe" This is one of the most beautiful R&B break up songs, a true expression of sadness and loss. Although a distraught tone is evident in the lyrics, the song also speaks of acceptance and acknowledges the necessity to move on. Without anger or aggression, this song is honest about making the difficult choice to let go.
  9. Chris Brown, "Damage" Chris Brown has excellent vocals in this song about making mistakes that can cause the relationship to end. Whether you've made mistakes or someone else has wronged you, then you'll find this song parallels your feels. The story it tells is honest and painful, one that makes it one of the 10 best R&B Break Up songs.
  10. K-Ci & Jojo, "If You Think You're Lonely Now" This song has a great match of vocals and terrific beat. The lyrics will speak to anyone whose been through a break up, which made the song momentously popular. This spectacular song is without a doubt one of the best R&B songs.
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