10 Best R&B Singers Of The ’90s

The 10 best R&B singers of the '90s took the genre to the next level.  Each artist artfully blended traditional R&B with a more modern flavor.  Many of their songs are still being played heavily on radio stations today.

  1. Mary J. Blige. Mary J. Blige is known as the "Queen of Hip Hop Soul" for good reason.  Blige's entrance onto the musical sing in the '90s marked the beginning of women having a voice in hip hop music.  Blige's soulful voice solidifies her presence on the list of the best R&B singers of the '90s.
  2. Mariah Carey.  Mariah Carey shone in a category that was heavy in talented singers.  Carey's first single, "Vision of Love," topped the R&B charts in record time and helped to make her one of the top R&B singers of the '90s.  Carey's vocal range on subsequent hits has kept her in the spotlight since then.
  3. Johnny Gill.  Originally a replacement for singer Bobby Brown in the group New Edition, Gill made a name for himself with the release of his 1990 self-titled album.  The album featured such hits as "My, My, My" and "Rub You the Right Way."  
  4. Bobby Brown.  Putting outside Bobby Brown's recent antics, he is considered to be one of the best R&B singers of the '90s.  Some people might even consider him to be one of the best R&B singers of all time.  Brown's debut album following his departure from New Edition, "Don't Be Cruel," helped to destroy any doubts about his talent.
  5. Ginuwine.  In a period that was heavily ruled by groups such as Shai, Mint Condition, and Blackstreet, solo artist Ginuwine stood out.  Ginuwine invited women to step out sexually and they all ran to do so.  
  6. Toni Braxton.  With the release of a single from the movie "Boomerang", Toni Braxton was catapulted to the top of the female artists that year.  Braxton's unique voice made her one of the best singers of the '90s. 
  7. Lauryn Hill.  Lauryn Hill's first solo project following the success of her group projects with The Fugees was well-received.  Hill won five Grammys for the album "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill," including Album of the Year.  Although Hill has not recorded an album in recent years, her early recording success still makes her one of the best R&B singers of the '90s.
  8. Luther Vandross.  No list of the best R&B singers would be complete without Luther Vandross.  Luther's smooth tones helped to set the mood for many romantic nights.  
  9. Whitney Houston.  The '90s were all about Whitney Houston.  Houston released two studio albums and contributed to a soundtrack that would set records worldwide.  Her remake of Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You" dominated the charts in the '90s and makes her one of the best R&B singers of the '90s.
  10. Michael Jackson.  Practically every decade from the '70s on could include Michael Jackson on a "best of" list. Jackson released his "Dangerous" album in 1991.  The album was nominated for four Grammys and picked up one.  Although many people consider Jackson strictly pop, many of his songs contain a soulful rhythm that easily qualifies him to be one of the best R&B singers of the '90s.
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