10 Best R&B Songs About Cheating

R&B music is considerably about love, good and bad, and the ten best R&B songs about cheating capture a lot of the bad. Whether good, bad, ugly or indifferent, these songs capture the many sides of love in ways that are catchy and relatable.

  1. “Secret Lovers.” A classic R&B song about cheating from the band Atlantic Starr, it spins the tale of a man and woman who are both married to other people. Loving each other and spending time together does not ease their fears of being found out. Lyrics like, “In the middle of making love/ we notice the time/ We both get nervous/ ‘cause it’s way after nine,” reveal the heart of a couple wanting to keep their lives normal, but are unable to let go.
  2. “As We Lay.” This Shirley Murdock hit is another song well known about cheating lovers and their spouses. Billy Beck of The Ohio Players and Larry Troutman of Zapp, the band that performed the famous “Computer Love,” wrote it. Lyrics like, “It's morning/ and now it's time for us to say goodbye,” kept this song on the charts.
  3. “Friend of Mine.” Kelly Price came hard with emotion on this song from her "Soul of A Woman" album, released in 1998. The best songs about cheating sometime involve outside interference. Price paints a picture of an enemy, a woman acting as a friend, who gets close, but for no other reason than she wants what her friend has, her man.
  4. “The Rain.” Oran “Juice” Jones sung this 1986 hit about catching his woman walking in the rain with another man. He explains to her that she is “cold busted” and cut off. No more credit cards, clothes or jewelry. She is kicked out with nothing but the small amount of cheap items she came with. “You don’t mess with the juice!”
  5. “Your Child.” This song from Blige’s album, “Mary,” is one of the best songs about cheating because, really, what breaks up a home quicker than a baby? A woman opens her door to find a surprise: her boyfriend’s mistress and child. Even worse, the boyfriend does not acknowledge his child, forcing the mistress to show up seeking help. Blige bemoans, “She said it’s your child/ and it really messed me up/… gotta face reality/ there can never be anymore us.”
  6. “You, Me and He.” The group Mtume came with this hit in 1986. Another duet, it is the story of a cheating wife and her husband. The husband wonders how he could have been so blind to his wife’s cheating ways and if they can find a way to keep it together. The wife is making mistakes and calling her husband by her lover’s name. She cries, “he’s my lover/ but I’m your wife.”
  7. “Who’s Making Love.” Singer Johnnie Taylor gives some advice to his friends in this soulful classic. He asks, “Who’s making love to your old lady/ while you were out making love?” The listener hears about a cheating man who decided to change his ways, but found it was too late. While he was out having his fun, there was another man loving his lady.
  8. “Confessions, Part II.” A baby brings hidden things to light again when a man has to confess to his girlfriend that the hurtful secrets she has been hearing about him are true. Yes, he has been cheating on her and the other woman is three months pregnant. This song was a number one hit from Usher’s “Confessions” album.
  9. “Me and Mrs. Jones.” Another memorable song about cheating by Billy Paul, this song covers the relationship between a man and Mrs. Jones, his married lover. They meet daily, same location and time, then go their separate ways, everyday, back to their respective relationships. They try to keep their feelings in check, but he complains about the painful cycle.
  10. “Love Shoulda Brought You Home.”  This song was co-written by the acclaimed Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and released in 1993 on Braxton’s self-titled first album. “Love shoulda brought you/ brought you/ home last night/ You shoulda been with me/ Shoulda been right by my side,” cries a woman who’s gotten a wake up call and has had enough.  
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