10 Best Real Indian Boobs

The 10 best real Indian boobs are something new in Bollywood. Indian culture is not driven by superficial fixations the way Western culture is, and many stars in the Indian community don’t have plastic surgery or huge boobs. Even many of the porn stars in India don’t have surgically-altered boobs. In this evaluation, breasts were judged based on proportion, shape and fullness.

  1. Kareena Kapoor. She is a lovely female vixen with more than 29 films to her credit and a lovely figure. Her body is filled out in a voluptuous manner. She is a throwback to when men looked for women who weren’t waifs. She is a classic beauty.
  2. Bipasha Basu. She may be the loveliest of all Indian actresses. Her body is filled out, and her boobs are balanced, full and classically buxom by Western standards. She can pose on any magazine cover with her set of guns.
  3. Katrina Kaif. She is probably one of the better-known beauties in the west, and is probably the most popular woman in India on our list. She is essentially the Julia Roberts of India. Katrina has a million-dollar figure and is the quintessential Indian beauty.
  4. Malika Sherawet. This vixen is tall, lovely and has a very elegant look. Her boobs are large, pear-shaped and balanced.
  5. Zeenat Aman. This young lady is thin, tall and lovely, with perfectly balanced breasts. This is a rising starlet in Bollywood with unlimited potential.
  6. Rakhi Sawant. She has a larger lower body that is incredibly curvaceous, and men love her. Her perfect boobs combine with a killer set of legs to drive men wild. Rakhi is simply delicious. In the future, she will probably be in the highest levels of Indian celebrity.
  7. Riya Sen. Riya is the largest of all the actresses on the list, and her boobs are also much larger. She brings a charming smile and face to the screen that screams innocence.
  8. Jiah Khan. Jiah has long, gorgeous hair and lovely schoolgirl charm. She looks more like a teenage idol than a mature starlet, but that’s who she is.
  9. Negar Khan. Negar is an Indian siren with classic good looks reminiscent of the burlesque era. Negar is a lovely woman who is filled out physically. She is the Pamela Anderson of India.
  10. Aishwarya Rai. She is a lovely, thin beauty with dancing eyes .Her boobs are balanced but a bit small for her physique.

This completes our list of the 10 best real Indian boobs. These are the loveliest natural breasts from the Indian community. Please, check out their films!

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