10 Best Reality TV Shows

The 10 best reality TV shows span over a period of years.  From one of the earliest reality TV shows to the show that is considered the best reality show ever, the genre has revolutionized the way we view TV.  Here are the 10 best reality TV shows in no particular order:

  1. "The Real World." Premiering in 1992, "The Real World" appealed to teenagers and young adults in a very unique way.  There aren't too many people who cannot name the cast of the first season of the show.  The idea of throwing in a bunch of strangers in a home and filming their every move was oddly intriguing.  That is why "The Real World" is considered one of the best reality TV shows ever.
  2. "The Amazing Race."  Arguably the best reality TV show in history, "The Amazing Race" is a thrilling race around the world that culminates in the crowning of the best team.  With a one million dollar prize hanging over their heads, the show has produced some of the most ruthless contestants seen on any reality series.
  3. "Survivor."  Who couldn't love a show that strands people on an island to live off their own resources?  "Survivor's" appeal lies in the level of deceit players will sink to in order to win the million dollar prize.  After years of being on the air, players still unwittingly engage in alliances with each other that never seem to work out.
  4. "Wife Swap."  The idea behind "Wife Swap" is intriguing.  Take two families and trade out the mothers for two weeks.  Each family gets to test out that "grass is greener" theory.  Each mother has to follow the rules of the family she joined for the first week, and gets to change the rules in the second week.  This simple idea has brought some of TV's most classic moments including the little boy who just wanted to eat his chicken nuggets.
  5. "Supernanny."  "Supernanny" is the show that made all parent around the country look at their kids and decide they weren't that bad after all.  Each week, TV viewers are allowed in to watch children melt down and do things that other children could only dream of doing.  For the countless number of times we saw Timmy fall on the ground screaming in agony, "Supernanny" makes the list of the best reality TV shows.
  6. "The Real Housewives."  It's difficult to pick one of the cities in the popular series over the other, which is why the series itself is listed.  From the backstabbing divas in Atlanta to the bossy prima donnas in New Jersey, they all are deserving of being considered part of the 10 best reality TV shows. 
  7. "Jon & Kate Plus 8."  What began as a cute and charming show about a family with a lot children became fodder for the toddlers.  The disastrous break-up of a family was displayed week after week for audiences who tuned into "Jon & Kate Plus 8."  The show posted some of the highest ratings for TLC and sealed their spot on the 10 best reality TV shows.
  8. "The Bachelor."  The dating show started off innocently enough.  The premise of the show was simple: A man's pursuit of true happiness with the woman of his dreams.  The first season was rather tame, but subsequent shows have steamed up.  With the show's audience growing, it is one of the best reality TV shows.
  9. "The Flavor of Love."  Admittedly not the best show for the family to sit around and watch, "The Flavor of Love" did rank high in entertainment value.  Starring a rather imperfect bachelor (Public Enemy's Flavor Flav), the show quickly became a powerhouse franchise for VH-1.  
  10. "American Idol."  A list of the 10 best reality TV shows would not be complete without "American Idol."  From the first note ever song by a contestant to this season's latest crops of hopeful, the popularity of the series has grown.  The formula of the show works.  With judges that range from abrasive to overly sweet and a chance for viewers to participate, the show is considered one of the best reality TV shows ever.
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