10 Best Reggae Albums Of The 90’s

A true lover of 90's reggae music will enjoy this list of the ten best reggae albums of the 90's. These ten best reggae albums will add some jammin' tunes to any collection. They'll either take you back to that era of island music you loved so much or provide you with a mini Jamaican vacation until you can experience the real thing! 

  1. "Songs of Freedom" by Bob Marley. This Jamaican record was the symbol of 90's reggae albums that all other reggae albums would aspire to be. Released in 1992, the “Songs of Freedom” reggae album contained a great combination of live, rare and well known hits from the Jamaican artist. Bob Marley continued his reign as the legend of reggae with the demonstration of his superior musical talent.
  2. "The best of Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers" by Ziggy Marley. Released in 1997, this reggae disc contained hits such as "One Bright Day" and "Tomorrow People." The reggae group had already developed a solid fan base and released this fun reggae album as a compilation of their earlier pieces. 
  3. "Bad Boys" by Inner Circle. Released in 1991, this reggae album was well received internationally and enjoyed for its reggae-pop contents. The record featured popular hits such as “Bad Boys” and “Sweat (A la la la la Long)." This 90’s reggae album allowed Inner Circle to win a Grammy for Best Reggae Album.
  4. "Reggae Gold '96." The annual Reggae Gold Series continued with the release of this 1996 version. This best reggae album is a good assortment of the 90's reggae music hits that topped the charts during that time. Popular tracks such as “No Long Talking” and “Love Somebody” are featured on this reggae album.
  5. "Til Shiloh" by Buju Banton. His collection of thought provoking lyrics became one of the best reggae albums of the 90’s to have in your prized possession. Songs like "Murderer," "Champion" and "Untold Stories" were a rough, yet real accounts of Jamaican culture for the reflective artist. Buju Banton’s powerful voice and touching lyrics are well worth the attention of 90’s reggae music lovers.
  6. "Blessed" by Beenie Man. Out in 1995, many of the songs on this best reggae album shot to the top of the local charts. The self proclaimed ‘King of the Dancehall’ did fairly well with this album because his song lyrics were catchy and easy to dance to.
  7. "Raw: The Best of Lady Saw" by Lady Saw. This album was released in 1998 and featured songs from one of reggae's most well known female artists. The disc included her hit singles such as "Give Me the Reason," "Good Wuk," "Hardcore" and her collaboration with Beenie Man, "Healing."
  8. "The Collection" by Jimmy Cliff. This album released in 1995 was an authentic Jamaican reggae album that contained hits recorded by respected reggae artist, Jimmy Cliff. The compilation was a well deserved treat for Jimmy Cliff fans that followed the artist since his performance in the movie “The Harder They Come."
  9. "Bla. Bla. Bla." by Toots & the Maytals. Released in 1993, the "Bla Bla Bla" reggae album was a 'feel good' type of record that included a collection of the group’s hits. Still a true treasure among 90’s reggae albums, if you can find this album today, you will be delighted at what's in store for you!
  10. "Legalize It" by Peter Tosh. Many of you may not have heard of the Jamaican artist, Peter Tosh, but no better way to be introduced than through one of the best reggae albums of the 90’s. Re-released from the 1976 version to reach a new audience, the 1999 reggae album "Legalize It," is a perfect example of his soulful voice and musical abilities.

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