10 Best Reggae Love Song

The 10 best Reggae love songs will make you swoon. Whether trying to set a mood or share with someone, Reggae is poetic and meaningful. Reggae's love songs are no exception often spanning the masses and pouring out their hearts to the rhythms of the Caribbean.

  1. "Lovin' You" by Janet Kay. This song is a remake of the classic hit "Lovin' You". It takes the easy sounds of Reggae and juxtaposes it with intense vocals. This song is also a great Reggae love song because it is relatable and most people can already sing along to it.
  2. "Good Thing Going" by Sugar Minott. This Reggae song is all about love and hanging on to it. It has the classic Reggae beat. Sugar Minott's vocals make you feel what is going on.
  3. "Feel Like Makin' Love" by Elizabeth Archer and the Equators. An unlikely Reggae tune. Elizabeth Archer and the Equators take this rock classic and make it their own. They soften the edges and make it more relaxing.
  4. "Cupid" by Johnny Nash. An oldy, but a goody. Johnny Nash uses forms of du-op during his song "Cupid". His Reggae beats only add to the sweetness of its content.
  5. "Fever" by Susan Cadogan.  Susan Cadogan took a heated chart-topper and made it cool and subdued. Her voice lends itself to the slow and sexy words of the song. As cool as it is, the Reggae beats only up the "Fever" to a new level.
  6. "You Make Me Feel Brand New" by Boris Gardiner. A legend in the Reggae world, Boris Gardiner offers up a love song with perspective. He sings of how love can change a man and make him feel new again. The Reggae sounds are just what the musician needed to get his point across.
  7. "The Tide Is High" by John Holt. Blondie's smash hit "The Tide Is High" is revamped with Reggae sounds. Oddly enough, without having any musical knowledge, this remake sounds like it could be the original tune.
  8. "Here I Am Baby" by Al Brown. Everyone has heard the 90's popular retake of this song. However, the original still stays burnt in Reggae fans' ears. Al Brown's vocals are unbeatable.
  9. "Red, Red Wine" by Tony Tribe. Again, another classic that everyone has heard a remake of. Tony Tribe has haunting back-up vocals that the newer version lacks. Its romantic and sweet, just like red wine.
  10. "Sweat" by The Inner Circle. This Reggae love song is a bit more on the sexy side of romance. Because of its modern sound, its only appropriate that a little romance be met up with the sexiness of Reggae.
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