10 Best Reggae Songs 2007

The last decade has been a good one for reggae music—2007 in particular—and here are the 10 best reggae songs 2007. From dancehall to traditional reggae beats, there is a range of styles on display in this article. If you happened to have missed any of these songs, track them down and give them a listen today!

  1. “Watch Them Roll” by Sean Paul We still love its pulsing, danceable beat. For this reason, “Watch Them Roll” was definitely the best reggae song of 2007.
  2. “This is Why I’m Hot” by Mims Check out the blackout remix of this awe-inspiring track from Mims. It adds a definitive R&B edge to the track, which is why it was one of the year's best.
  3. Top Shotta Nah Miss” by Mavado Mavado’s smooth, emotive vocals position “Top Shotta Nah Miss” as one of the best vocal reggae songs of 2007. This man's a musical genius!
  4. “Bad From Mi Born” by Munga “Bad From Mi Born” has a hip-hop infused backing rhythm. It is damn near irresistible on the dance floor, which is why it's one of our favorite songs of 2007.
  5. “Bring It” by Elephant Man We love Elephant Man’s brand of old school style reggae. “Bring It” was one of their best reggae songs of 2007, if not the entire decade because of its pulsing beat and delirious vocals.
  6. “Bobby Reds” by Bunju Banton The horns swing and the Caribbean rhythms swoon on this groovy track from Bunju Banton. That's why it was one of our favorites of 2007.
  7. “Brooklyn and Jamaica” by Morgan Heritage “Brooklyn and Jamaica” was the best politically themed reggae song of 2007. It speaks of the disparities between the two locales mentioned in the song title.
  8. “Sticky” by Jah Cure Jah Cure’s classical roots reggae vocal style is totally clean—yet sticky, according to this hit from 2007. One of Jamaica's most original voices made one of our favorite songs of the year once again!
  9. “My Fadah Seh” by Gyptian More old-school niceness from Gyptian. He produced one of the best reggae songs of 2007 in the form of “My Fadah Seh,” which manages to move both your heart and your feet.
  10. “Hide Away” by Tessanne It's not often you hear female vocals in reggae. The gorgeous smooth singing on “Hide Away” rounds out our list of the best reggae songs of 2007.
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