10 Best Reggae Songs 2009

You don't have to be from the Caribbean to enjoy these top 10 Reggae songs of 2009. Since it exploded onto the music scene in the 1960's, Reggae has been regarded as Jamaican music. Today, however, it is loved and listened to around the world. The perky beat is so much fun to dance to that Reggae dance halls have appeared everywhere.


  1. "Cold Kisses" by Tarrus Riley. Although it was released in the last month of 2008, this was the top Reggae song of 2009. This song about keeping complicated relationships together took the number one spot for the entire year.
  2. "I Am Blessed" by Mr. Vegas. Called one of the stand out Reggae songs of 2009, this tune was released in January of that year. The gospel-flavored piano-driven tune zoomed to the top of the charts and held the number two spot for the year.
  3. "Missing You Right Now" by Da'Ville. This is another tune released in late in 2008 that took over the charts in 2009. A sweet smooth single with an adrenaline kicker, that took over the top spot long enough to become the number-three Reggae song of 2009.
  4. "One Day" by Ras Attitude. This feel-good song about appreciating life and taking things one day at a time held onto the number four spot to become one of the best reggae songs of 2009. Ras Attitude has been described as one of the most talented voices in the genre.
  5. "Love You Anyway" by Barbee. The only female artist to make it alone to the top ten, Barbee took Love You Anyway to the number five Reggae song for 2009. This tune spent thirteen weeks in the top thirty hitting number one in Jamaica and New York City.
  6. "Mi Caan Sleep" by  Romain Virgo. Romain Virgo was still a teenager when this single from his self-titled debut album, bubbled to the top of the charts to become one of the top Reggae songs of 2009.
  7. "Call On Me" by Jah Cure featuring Phyllisia. Jah Cure is one of the top names in Reggae. In this single he teamed up with Phyllisia, a young woman with an amazing voice and a ear for classical music. Although this single was released in March 2009 giving it a handicap in the count of year-long sales, it still managed to climb into the top ten Reggae songs of 2009.
  8. "Start Anew (Cut It Off)" by Tarrus Riley. 2009 was a good year for Tarrus Riley. He held the year's top spot with Cold Kisses and brought a second song into the top ten Reggae Songs of 2009 with Start Anew. In this song he speaks to an abused woman urging her to cut off her relationship with her abuser and start anew.
  9. "Focus" by Messenjah Selah. As his name implies Messenjah Selah sends a message through his gospel Reggae music. His uplifting songs are about empowerment and getting to know the creator. People must agree that he is saying something worth listening to. Focus became one of the top Reggae songs of 2009.
  10. "Cassava" by P. Zed aka PZ aka Andrew Mystic. Born Andrew Gayle this talented singer is a man of many names. His song Cassava rounds out the list of the Top Ten Reggae songs of 2009.
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