10 Best Relationship Movies

Check out these 10 best relationship movies if you want to see how others deal with a relationship. After watching these movies, you may have a different point of view when comes to relationship. Let’s take a look at these 10 best relationship movies.

  1. “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” An advertising executive is guaranteed a huge account if he can make the woman whom his competitors have picked to fall in love with him in 10 days. That woman happens to be a journalist who must write an article on how to lose a guy in 10 days from her own experience—and you guessed it, he's the target. Your heart will melt when they turn the 10-day game into a real relationship.
  2. “Just Friends” Upon returning to his hometown after 10 years, a successful music executive has a flashback to the episode of being rejected by the girl of his dreams back in high school. When they reconnect, his romantic feeling towards her is long gone. Although he loses his face in a series of events with the girl and her friends, he ends up declaring that she is the one for him. 
  3. “The Ugly Truth” In order to boost up the viewer ratings, a morning show producer is commanded by her boss to team up with a dirty mouthed TV personality who explicitly reveals all the negative things about love and relationships. While she hates the way he is, this hopeless romantic is able to trick her neighbor, a handsome surgeon, to fall for her by his witty dating tips.
  4. “50 First Dates” When the super womanizer is about to say “I do” to the woman of his dreams, he has learned that his true love is suffering from an incurable short-term memory loss. Instead of letting this relationship go, he keeps doing everything to make her fall in love with him every day.  
  5. “The Break-Up” A tour bus host and his girlfriend are cohabiting in their co-owned condo. Due to a dramatic increase of arguments, their relationship is gradually heading south. The best part of this movie is that by the time they learn how to communicate with each other; ironically, it is too late to save their relationship.
  6. “The Proposal” When the powerful executive editor-in-chief knows that she cannot renew her visa, marrying her submissive assistant is the only feasible solution. The assistant reluctantly accepts the proposal for a fake marriage. It may seem like they can never love each other, but it is meant to be when she goes on a vacation with him to see his family.
  7. “Save the Last Dance” Ever since her mom passed away in a fatal car accident on the way to see her audition, the high school girl is giving up her dream to be a dancer. She finds it challenging to live a new life in a big city and to develop a new relationship with a boy who renews her passion for dancing. You will see how love conquers it all when her boyfriend shows up at her final audition.
  8. “Must Love Dogs” As a result of her terrible divorce, the preschool teacher has decided to remain single. However, her sister secretly puts her personal profile titled “Must Love Dogs” on a dating website to encourage her to find love again. A relationship slowly develops after her lousy first date with the critical boat maker. This proves that “opposites can attract” can happen.
  9. “You’ve Got Mail” Two business rivals who hate each other face to face, but unknowingly develop a relationship online. You will be amazingly touched by the final scene when “Shopgirl” confesses to “NY152” how much she wants him followed by a long kiss.
  10. “Sleepless in Seattle” After having lost his mom nearly two years earlier and realizing the loneliness of his single dad, a little boy named Jonah openly announces that a new wife for his dad is his Christmas wish through a radio talk show. Many women are dying to meet his dad, including a Baltimore woman who recently got engaged. The best part of this movie is when she breaks off the engagement with her fiancé and pursues a relationship with the widower.
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