10 Best Restaurants Near Columbia University

The 10 best restaurants near Columbia University vary in cuisine, culture, environment, and price. These best restaurants do cater to the college students but have appeal for local residents as well. The range of these restaurants is wide so the visitor does not go wanting if they do not happen to like seafood or spice. There is something for everyone near Columbia University.

  1. Pisticci. This Italian restaurant is number one on the top ten list because it exceeds in all areas of restaurant specialty; ambiance, taste, service, and selection. The restaurant is very easy to miss when walking by but missing it would be a mistake. The drinks and food stand well above any other Italian restaurant as does the cozy charm and friendly wait-staff. Try the La Spaghettata with its impeccable pomodoro sauce.
  2. Max Soha. This top ten restaurant makes its own fresh pasta which makes it automatically more tasty and desirable. However, the atmosphere is loud and makes a date hard to have unless you do not need conversation. Try the filet of salmon with the mashed potatoes for a culinary treat. An entrée here costs about the same as Pisticci.
  3. Kitchenette Uptown. The diner feel of this top ten Columbia University restaurants makes this restaurant’s appeal its best feature. The food and service here are excellent and friendly. Try the turkey loaf for dinner and the immaculate pancakes for brunch. The meals here cost under $20.
  4. Community Food and Juice. This restaurant is the top ten place near Columbia University for brunch. They make the best omelets and the freshest orange juice around town. The family atmosphere and quiet space make that after-party mid-morning brunch tasty and restorative.
  5. Sezz Medi. This is the best pizza place near Columbia University. The staff are very busy here, though, the food makes up for the lack of attention. Try the mussels for an appetizer and finish the meal with a delicious margherita pizza.
  6. Massawa. This Ethiopian restaurant is the most unique on the top ten list. The restaurant does not provide eating utensils unless specifically requested because the toast or bread provided with the meal is the utensil. It is a very authentic restaurant so be prepared for something different.
  7. Atropolis Espresso Café. Even though this top ten restaurant is more of a dessert bar than a full restaurant, the food is incredible. They do serve excellent omelets and a salad bar but the desserts are the prizes here.
  8. Symposium Greek. The oldest in the 10 best restaurants near Columbia University is the Symposium Greek restaurant. It provides authentic Greek meals by an authentic Greek family. The wait is not too long each night, it is best to get there before 5:30 to get a good seat. This place has an interesting atmosphere and unusual Mediterranean cuisine.
  9. Havana Central. This Cuban restaurant made it into the top ten restaurants because of its spice. The food and the atmosphere are very spicy. Friday and Saturday nights are the best nights to come here for music and drinks. Cuban food is made hot so be prepared to drink more than you usually would.
  10. Mill Korean Restaurant. The tenth restaurant on the best of list is a Korean place that provides exceptional meals. Asian dishes require a taste for texture and the Mill is not an exception. Try the spicy pork strips in a stone crock dish. The vegetables are fresh and crispy and surprisingly filling.

These restaurants on the 10 best restaurants near Columbia University were chosen by taste and ambiance. Price and quickness of seating or service were not necessarily considered requirements.

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