10 Best Restaurants Near Fox Theatre In Atlanta

The 10 best restaurants near the Fox Theatre in Atlanta are quite diverse in both foods and price point. The Atlanta restaurants mentioned are only comparable when the patron knows exactly what ambiance he is looking to experience. Here is a list of the ten best restaurants Atlanta has to offer that is near the Fox Theatre:

  1. Baraonda Café Italiano is an Italian restaurant that is a great place for a night out on the town or to mingle with friends and family. This restaurant specializes in wood-fired brick pizza, which the whole family will love to indulge in while enjoying the relaxing atmosphere. The price point is beneath the quality of food and service you will receive at this restaurant.
  2. The Varsity Restaurant is known as the world’s largest drive-in restaurant. When people visit Atlanta, the one necessity is to experience this drive-in restaurant there is nothing like it anywhere in the world. This restaurant offers a wide variety of fast food type foods with a high caliber type atmosphere.
  3. If you are looking for a great fondue restaurant go to the Melting Pot where you will receive a wonderful dining experience. You can receive a four course meal where everything that you will dip is something tasty and different. The service and food you will experience from this restaurant will be well worth the price point that you will encounter.
  4. If you are looking for chicken wings then look no further than J.R. Cricket’s Restaurant. This establishment’s wings have become the official wings for the Georgia State Panthers. You cannot go wrong when looking for a fun place to and great service because this restaurant offers it all with great service.
  5. The Top Flr is a small two-level restaurant that offers great food and a diverse wine list. When looking for a quite night out on the town this is definitely the place to eat and enjoy the music.  
  6. When in the Midtown area, make sure you visit Babs restaurant the ambiance from this place in indescribable. This is a great place to be when you just want to sit and enjoy the people around you without interruptions. Babs is a relaxing restaurant with a party type of ambiance that you do not mind feeling because it does not interrupt your experience of relaxation.
  7. Django offers a unique dining experience with live music. This restaurant offers the ambiance of the nightlife while serving delicious foods for anyone’s palate.  The price point is a little higher than most in the area but the service and food are well worth the extra payout.
  8. Silk is located in Midtown and has a diverse of culinary delights mixed with great ambiance and service. The name of this establishment is perfect because the atmosphere is smooth flowing, as silk material would be on the skin. The soft lighting and multi-cultural music makes for a diverse group of patrons.
  9. Dogwood Restaurant has the southern home feeling from the food to the service. Dogwood may have a southern feel but it also has the ambiance of the big city life of Atlanta. How the service for this restaurant pulls off such a trying task and makes it look so easy is unbelievable, you will have to see it for yourself.
  10. The Livingston Restaurant and Bar is sleek but has a plush comfortable ambiance to it making you want to stay and enjoy the full service that it offers. This restaurant’s great music and food will leave you to wanting nothing after your dining experience. Livingston’s offers a wide array of food and service with a moderate price point for the service you will receive.
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