10 Best Restaurants Near LAX

Fill up your belly before you fly at one of the ten best restaurants near LAX.  The ten best restaurants near LAX offer weary travelers and hungry locals a place to rest their heads and fill their stomachs before they are forced to brave the fury and frustration that is the airport.

  1. Encounter The space age theme of the first entry on our list of the ten best restaurants near LAX may seem lame, but what it lacks in decor it makes up for with a killer California fresh menu and a bar that specializes in martinis.
  2. The Proud Bird Restaurant This restaurants near LAX started out as a theme restaurant, but it has stepped up its game to become a true fine dining experience. They make mouth-watering herb crusted lamb chops and you can watch airplanes depart and land while you dine.
  3. Aliki’s Greek Tavern If you’re a fan of Greek food, this restaurants near LAX is worth braving airport traffic for. All of their ingredients are from local farmers markets and they make their own humus, cheese and cold pressed olive oil.
  4. Chalet Edelweiss This restaurant near LAX takes its influence from the crisp air of the Swiss Alps. They make a yummy wood-fired pizza right at your table. Their cheese fondue is to die for and they have a decent beer menu.
  5. Shula’s 347 Part of a nationwide chain of steakhouses named after legendary football coach Don Shula, this place makes our list of the ten best restaurants near LAX because of their thick, juicy Angus beef steaks. If you’re feeling up to the challenge, try one of their 48 ounce Shula-cut steaks.
  6. Champions Sports Bar If you’re a sports fan with some time to kill, you can get away from the airport and catch a game at this restaurant near LAX. Located inside the LAX Marriott, they may not have half naked waitresses like your favorite local dive, but the food is better than your average greasy spoon and they have 54 flat screens.
  7. Melody Bar and Grill If you want food that’s simple, fresh and won’t drain your bank account, visit this restaurant near LAX. They specialize in fresh sandwiches, healthy salads and have a nice happy hour menu.
  8. Coffee Company This restaurant near LAX is a great place to unwind in between flights or grab a quick bite before you head up into the friendly skies. They make a great cappuccino that is just as good as anything you get from big chain coffee shops at about half the price.
  9. Golden Krust If you need something to eat that has some spice to it, this restaurants near LAX will fill your belly with yummy Caribbean flavor. They serve up Caribbean classics like jerk chicken and curried chicken. The perfect way to stave off hunger without subjecting yourself to airplane food.
  10. Cilantro Fresh Mexican Grill Just like their name says, this restaurant near LAX specializes in fresh, authentic Mexican food. You can never go wrong with a classic like tacos pastor, but if you have a more adventurous palette, give their spinach, mushroom and poblanos enchiladas a whirl.
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