10 Best Restaurants Near Perimeter Mall

The ten best restaurants near the Perimeter Mall in Atlanta are varying in both foods and price point. These Atlanta restaurants mentioned are only comparable when the patron knows exactly what type of food he is looking to consume. Here is a list of the ten best restaurants near the Perimeter Mall.

  1. Chipotle is an excellent Mexican restaurant near Perimeter Mall that has fast service with a low price point. The eclectic music makes the atmosphere feel more like a high price point restaurant rather than fast food service. Whether vegan or vegetarian anyone can find something on the menu that will be delicious and fresh.
  2. Romano’s Macaroni Grill known for its Italian Mediterranean style of food uses the finest ingredients to prepare its dishes. As the Italian music and the aroma of the dishes fills the atmosphere patrons have a real feel of what Italy is like. This restaurant will not disappoint in any area of service from the price point which is reasonable to the delicious food that is awaiting your taste.
  3. Goldfish is a restaurant near Perimeter Mall that ranges from serving fish to steaks and never disappoints in either category. The nightly live entertainment and the sheet of water cascading along the wall makes this restaurant great for family or just to hang out with friends. No matter what the case your dining experience will be fabulous and the kid’s will enjoy the 600 gallon salt water aquarium that is fill with differ types of sea animals.
  4. J. Alexander’s restaurant is casually elegant with its wood-burning rotisserie that brings out a delicious savory smelling atmosphere that everyone will enjoy. Though the price point for this restaurant is high the high-end seafood and steaks makes this modern-day early 1900’s dinner club a great place to dine. This upscale American restaurant fits in with the area that it is located in near the upscale Perimeter Mall.  
  5. The restaurant Wildfire Oakbrook is another upscale place near Perimeter Mall that has an atmosphere of modern-day early 1900’s. This restaurant has a high price point but remember that it serves an array of foods ranging from seafood to steaks that will delight any patron’s palate who comes inside. Wildfire is a grand restaurant with excellent service and food that will make you come again.
  6. Seasons 52 restaurant has an adult type atmosphere with seasonally inspired choices of dishes that will please the palate. This restaurant is known for its diverse wine selection that personalizes your dining experience. The service here is great in that every waiter is knowledgeable about the menu.
  7. Applebee’s restaurant has a casual dining atmosphere with American dishes being served. This is a family and friends type of restaurant where the food will always enjoyable and the atmosphere friendly. The service for this family oriented restaurant focuses on fun from the children who have coloring time and fun dishes to the adults with the friendly wait staff.
  8. Platinum blue is a great sushi restaurant with its own house band for entertainment. The atmosphere in this place is both cool and romantic; this cozy place is great for just hanging out or for an intimate date. The mood of this restaurant makes you wonder how a great place like this could have a price point of average with its great service and food.
  9. McKendrick's restaurant has an inviting atmosphere and from the moment you walk in the door, you feel the warm welcoming spirit of the staff. Surprisingly the menu is a la carte and so the amount of food you will receive is satisfying to everyone. Their specialty is the grilled steak, which will tantalize your taste buds.
  10. Twisted Taco has the best tacos north of the border in Atlanta. This restaurant offers live music and has such a great atmosphere that it is enjoyable whether you are with family or just hanging out with friends. You will receive southwestern style food that is not comparable to any other taco-serving restaurant around Atlanta.
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