10 Best Restaurants Near Prince Edward Theatre

The ten best restaurants near Prince Edward Theatre serve delicious dishes that are reasonably priced. There is a lot to do in this area for everyone. Deciding on where to eat during your travels can be less cumbersome if you choose one these restaurants.

  1. Koya is a Japanese eatery located in Soho that is reasonably priced for the quality of food that is served. The quality of the dishes served makes you think you are dining in n Japan. This Western-Japan style restaurant’s décor is comfortable with its furniture and yet still displays the authenticity of Japan’s dining with its table settings. 49 Frith Street, London W1D4SG.
  2. Mooli's is an Indian restaurant located in central London. their specialty is Indian-inspired wraps filled with savory spicy fillings. Unlike other Indian restaurants, Mooli’s dishes are healthy because they do not add mayonnaise, butter or cream to their dishes. The prices at this street style cuisine are average for what you will be eating. 50 Frith Street, London W1D4SQ.
  3. Gourmet Burger Kitchen is a fast food chain that excels in every area making it unlike other fast food restaurants. The ingredients used at Gourmet Burger Kitchen’s are fresh and organic, which is what gives the food an exceptionally delightful taste. The fact that you can get good fast food at a reasonable price shows the consumer that the owner cares about having repeat customers. 15 Frith Street, London W1D4RF.
  4. Pizza Express is a popular chain restaurant in London known for its American style hot pizza. This reasonably priced restaurant’s food is comparable to the expensive type restaurants that serve pizza. The casual eating style restaurant’s floor plan is arranged so that the customer can see into the kitchen and watch how their food is being prepared. 20 Greek Street, London W1D4DU.
  5. L'Escargotis a french style restaurant in Soho that has a lavish look but casual feel that encourages you to enjoy the food. The atmosphere is romantic and cozy, although if you go as a group you will not be disappointed. The food’s presentation is displayed in a manner that shows the customer just how valuable they are to the restaurant. 48 Greek Street, London W1D4EF.
  6. Bincho Yakitori is a Japanese style restaurant with food that will make you think you are in Japan. This authentic Japanese ambience along with the food is what makes this dining out experience worthwhile. The authentic Izakaya served along with the tasty dishes though small portions is worth the price point which considering the area is not high. 16 Old Compton Street, London W1D4TL.
  7. Café Boheme is a French style restaurant and is a perfect example of a Parisian bistro. The ambience in this restaurant is so attractive with its Parisian style décor that it makes customers come back just so that they can enjoy the whole package of dining out. 13 Old Compton Street, London W1D5JQ.
  8. Ba Shan is a Chinese style restaurant made to resemble a teahouse in appearance. This restaurant prides itself in being different from the other North-Eastern Chinese restaurants in the area by serving less traditional dishes. The menu may be less traditional but the portion size is the same as the other Chinese restaurants. 24 Romilly Street, London W1D5AH.
  9. Patara Soho’s is a Chinese style restaurant that is outstanding in both service and food. The food is comparable to the food you would eat in Thailand, which is unusual for a Chinese style restaurant. The atmosphere is elegant but friendly enough to make you want to come back again to enjoy tasty food. 15 Greek Street, London W1D4DP.
  10.  Zilli Green is a vegetarian Italian style restaurant that truly serves anything from vegan to vegetarian dishes. The menu for this restaurant is much to be desired in that it has dishes that are simply delicious and made exactly to the customer’s request. 40-41 Dean Street, London W1D4PY.
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