10 Best Restaurants Near Shaftesbury Theatre

The 10 best restaurants near Shaftesbury Theatre in London are quite diverse in both foods and price point. The restaurants mentioned are only comparable when the patron knows exactly what his palate desires. Here is a list of the ten best restaurants near the Shaftesbury Theatre:

  1. Naru Restaurant serves Korean style food that makes you feel like you are actually in Korea.The restaurant’s mission is to have its customers feel relaxed before the food is served. This Korean restaurant has a great ambiance and fabulous presentation of dishes that anyone will enjoy. 230 Shaftesbury Avenue London WC2H 8EG
  2. Otarian Shaftesbury Avenue is a vegetarian style chain restaurant.This restaurant offers healthy and good quality food in a café style setting. The relaxing atmosphere of this restaurant contains the environments data on a map of the world. 190 Shaftesbury Avenue, London WC2H8JL
  3. Pizza Express Coptic Road is a restaurant chain known for its thin crust pizzas. No matter what your favorite topping of pizza is this restaurant will be able to satisfy your hunger. This restaurant chain is always looking to revamp the menu, which shows that they are always looking to gain new customers and keep the old customers coming back. 30 Coptic Street, London, WC1A 1NS
  4. Abeno is a Japanese style restaurant that allows you to be hands on in picking your own ingredients. The food here is delicious and being able to see your food prepared in front of you is delightful event. However unlike other Japanese style restaurants Abeno is not fancy, so do not expect to have a formal or romantic dinner just know the food will be delicious. 47 Museum St, City of London WC1A 1LY, United Kingdom
  5. Mon Plaisir is London’s oldest French bistro, though understated in looks the savory food makes the trip worthwhile. The authentic French food is always a delight before and after a night on the town. This cozy restaurant has a romantic feel that makes the dining out experience unforgettable.                19-21 Monmouth Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9DD
  6. Thai Square Shaftesbury Avenue is a stylish and unique restaurant offering fantastic Thai cuisine.This restaurant has many vegetarian dishes that are a rich and flavorful to the palate. Thai Square has averted their menu from Western style Thai dishes to delightful Thai cuisine that is reasonably priced.           166-170 Shaftesbury Ave, City of London WC2H 8JB, United Kingdom
  7. Sitaaray is an Indian themed restaurant located in the West end area of London where the décor is filled with color and modern day pictures of celebrities. This restaurant excels in keeping its food standards high and still maintaining low prices. Sitaaray’s ambiance has a lively atmosphere that is great for an intimate dinner or friends gathering. 167 Drury Lane, Greater London WC2B 5PG, United Kingdom
  8. Tamarai restaurant is in a dimly lit basement glamorously exotic setting serving pan Asian style food.The atmosphere to this restaurant is dark with colorful lights displaying the restaurant’s décor.  In the evening, you can enjoy the metamorphosis change into a club atmosphere and party the night away with friends. 167 Drury Lane, Covent Garden, London, UK WC2B 5PG, United Kingdom
  9. Giaconda Dining Room serves Mediterranean style food in a small cozy atmosphere and fair prices. This husband and wife restaurant has dozens of loyal customers who look forward to this bistro’s quality of food and service.  When you are looking for a variety style menu to choose from the Giaconda Dining Room is a great choice to dine. 9 Denmark Street Covent Garden, WC2H8
  10. Belgo Centraal restaurant has an atmospheric subterranean setting that is enjoyed by all types of people. This lively restaurant offers great food from their signature mussels made in a special sauce to the wide variety of beer. Belgo’s atmosphere and good food is great for any occasion. 50 Earlham Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9HP
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