10 Best Retirement Presents For Dad

The ten best retirement presents for Dad range from the inexpensive, yet heartfelt, to the costly and highly rewarding.

  1. Card and dinner. Take Dad out for dinner to celebrate his retirement, and write a nice card telling him how much you appreciate all of his hard work in supporting the family.
  2. Poem. Writing your Dad a heartfelt poem representing what he means to you and how you wish him well in his retirement is a great retirement present for Dad.
  3. Photo album. Make your Dad a scrapbook or photo album highlighting notable memories from your family life. Include photos of your parents' marriage, and continue on with photos of Dad with the children growing up. This would be a retirement present he would remember forever.
  4. Cruise. What better retirement present for Dad than a cruise? Send him to Aruba on a luxury ship for a few days, to allow him to celebrate his retirement and enjoy fun in the sun.
  5. Beach vacation. A great retirement present for Dad would be a week's vacation on Anna Maria Island, Florida. Reserve a stay at a luxury inn by the beach, and let him relax as he starts off this chapter in his life.
  6. Rolex watch. Buy your Dad a luxury watch so he can always be reminded that now that he's retired, he's got all the time in the world to enjoy.
  7. Party barge. A great retirement gift for your Dad would be a party barge on which he and his friends could go out on the lake and have a few beers and go fishing.
  8. Party. Throw your dad a gala retirement party. This is a retirement gift he would really appreciate and never forget. Take and frame pictures from the party for him as an added retirement present.
  9. Journal. A wonderful retirement present for your Dad would be a journal, so that he can write his memoirs now that he is retired.
  10. House. If it is within your means, buy your Dad a summer house for his retirement present. It can be his home away from home to relax.
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