10 Best Retirement Presents For Teachers

What are the 10 best retirement presents for teachers? If you are looking for a fantastic present for an amazing teacher, read on. Teaching is a noble calling, and one that often goes without adequate appreciation. If you are giving a gift to a retiring teacher, be sure that it shows your support, admiration, and gratitude.

  1. Inscribed time piece. Show your appreciation with a wall clock or wristwatch inscribed with the date of retirement.  If it is a larger piece, additional information, like the school or her actual years in the teaching field, add a touch of appreciation for her efforts.
  2. Personalized scrapbook. Memorialize his career with pictures of former students, events, and other mementos.  What makes this a great retirement gift for teachers?  Personal memories are irreplaceable.  Start early in the school year collecting photographs from current and former students and colleagues, even clips from the school newspaper.  If you can, find early editions complete with details of events she participated in.  Make the scrapbook similar to a yearbook all about your favorite teacher. 
  3. A cruise. Really, if the funds are available, there is no better way to send your favorite teacher off.  Relaxation, warm sea air, and a chance to see the world make this idea the perfect retirement gift.  Teachers work long hours for many years without enough compensation.  Give her the chance to take a long deep breath, in style.
  4. Plaque with teaching career chronicled. Maybe it seems cliche, but a plaque on the wall is a constant reminder of your teacher’s lifelong work.  Retirement gifts are meant to show appreciation for a job well done; and a personalized plaque will do just that.  A plaque also makes a great conversation piece, a great way to remind guests of the years he spent teaching as well.
  5. Bookstore gift certificate. Many retirees lament the years they spent unable to finish reading a favorite fiction series, or studying the autobiography or a favorite author.  Give him the chance to catch up on all of the good books he always wanted to read.
  6. Membership to a health club. Staying active in the retirement years preserves longevity.  Give her a gym membership to help him stay young at heart.  Health clubs offer more than just yoga classes and free weights; this retirement gift is a great way to meet new friends.
  7. Day spa pampering. Who couldn’t use a massage, or a relaxing facial?  Show her that this is her time now.  A gift certificate to a local day spa makes the perfect retirement gift she can use whenever she needs a little extra pampering.
  8. Subscription to faculty newsletter. Breaking up is hard to do; help your retiree stay up-to-date with the happenings at school.  Keep him connected with his colleagues, and involved from a comfortable distance.
  9. Collection of handwritten memories. Thoughts from current and former students, collected and stored in a keepsake box represent her years doing the job she loved.  Personal messages serve as reminders for years to come of the impact she had on her students.
  10. Gift subscription to hobby magazine. Encourage new interests to help fill his retirement years.  Periodicals cover just about any interest he can imagine.  For the golf enthusiast, a copy of Gold Digest in the mailbox every month will peak his interest in perfecting his golf swing.  Field and Stream fit the bill for the amateur fly fisherman.  Whatever the interest, show support for his post professional life with a retirement gift that will make an appearance very few weeks.
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