10 Best Retro Basketball Shoes

The 10 best retro basketball shoes include some major makers and some newcomers to the basketball shoe market. Retro for some basketball fans goes back to the 1940s, while other folks find the 1970s as far back as they need to go to ground themselves in the basketball tradition. Retro basketball shoes are specialty shoes, so expect to pay at least $100 for these puppies.

  1. Nike Air Jordan Retro Line: Air Jordans are the gold standard for basketball shoes and this shoe set the standards in strength, design and playability. New Jordans incorporate more color choices, as new colors are introduced each year, but the sturdy construction is the same. 
  2. Nike Hyperdunk: Nike claims these shoes use fly wire technology to be tough, but still offer a light weight shoe. The inner padding is a NASA space-age design. 
  3. Nike Air 1/2 Cent Penny Retro: If you're looking for some sturdy kicks, this shoe offers a 1970s styling with a flash of 1930s deco. The soul has extra cushion and the color offerings reflect the color of money—black with a flash of silver and, of course, green. If you're really confident in your game, pick your 1/2 cent pair in the eggplant color combo. 
  4. Nike Shox BB4 House of Hoops: The ten best retro basketball shoes also includes this Nike model. This retro meets space age model was tested at the 2000 Olympic games and made the grade with sturdy construction and padding. Pick the graphite, black and red model for flash. Tame players may select from black and blue colored models. 
  5. PF Flyers Men's Glide: This model b-ball shoe is a reissue of the PF Flyer firm's 1970 model, called an "archival" reissue, with a modern update of nylon in neon colors. The traditional logo is still there, as is the terry cloth lining. The main part of the shoe, now made by New Balance Athletic Shoe, inc., is constructed from calfskin and the cotton, flat laces snug up tight around the ankle. The sole of the shoe is also a PF classic with pure white rubber and that eye-catching black stripe. If purple is not to your liking, hook up with the same model in a green calfskin.
  6. PF Flyers Men's Glide Galuchat-Patent: Forget the swoosh on this pair of patent and canvas basketball shoes. The company advertises that galuchat is a type of patent leather from Italy. This retro model covers the rear of the shoe in a textured patent with a heel cover. The stripe is brown to match the laces and patent. 
  7. Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Double Details Hi: This retro shoe is a black and white classic updated to include several stripes on the rubber soul. The red and blue stripes on white make this canvas-body high top as retro as basketball shoes can get. The logo is positioned right over the ankle bone, just the place retro shoes feature all logos. 
  8. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 1J791: This shoe abandons the stylish multi stripes and goes for the basic rubber and canvas. That's it. Admittedly, the bright green colors make for a new school statement, but the shoe itself it 100 percent old school. It's also the product of one of the original makers of American basketball shoes. 
  9. Pro Keds Royal Master Suede: Marked with two fat stripes down the main part of the shoe, his Pro Keds model is an historic design worn in professional games in the 1970s. Keds claims Jojo White and Pete Maravich featured this shoe during games. The Royal Master models a similar rubber soul and toe cap of other retro models, but the low top is a throw back to a time when basketball players threw total caution to the wind when it came to the safety of their ankles. 
  10. PF Flyers Grounder Hi: Not much of an actual court shoe for modern use, the Grounder hi is a classic court shoe from 1949. This all white canvas and rubber shoe has a ribbed sole and red, white and blue strips up the center back of the high-topped shoe. Silvertone riveted shoelace grommets hold the flat, cotton laces. A certain eye-catcher for casual wear. 
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