10 Best Reusable Green Shopping Bags

Going green is all the rage nowadays, and these 10 best reusable green shopping bags are a great way to start going green yourself! Using reusable green shopping bags helps the environment in a number of ways. Instead of carrying a bunch of plastic or paper shopping bags that will be disposed of, you are only using one, two, or a few reusable green shopping bags that can be used again and again. That way you spare the environment additional waste packed into the hundreds of landfills covering the earth.

Consider using one of these 10 best reusable green shopping bags instead of disposable shopping bags each time your out shopping:

  1. Get Hip Get Green. Get Hip Get Green reusable green shopping bags are sleek black with a bright green design. These green reusable shopping bags are awesome in a number of ways: they're made from recycled polypropylene plastic, are 100% recyclable, are durable and lightweight,as well as water repellent and washable, and profits from each sale of a Get Hip Get Green reusable shopping bag benefit a children's environmental group, "The Green Ambassadors," among other things.
  2. B. Happybags. b. happybags is a cute brand of reusable green shopping bags that come in brightly colored patterns and are made in the USA. Their durable cotton material will last almost forever, and can be worn either over your shoulder or carried by hand.
  3. SmartCycle. Smartcycle's sustainable shopping bags are made entirely from recycled plastic bottles and are durable, lightweight, washable, and compact. SmartCycle's reusable green shopping bags are actually so compact that they fold into a small attached pouch.
  4. Alchemy Goods Recycled Ad Bag. Alchemy Goods Recycled Ad Bags are stylish reusable shopping bags made from recycled outdoor ad banners so each bag is one-of a kind! The comfortable handles on these bags are also made from recycled materials – they're recycled seatbelts. These reusable green shopping bags are made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty.
  5. Envirosax Kid Series. Envirosax Kid Series of reusable shopping bags feature cute animal-like creatures, such as "Baa," "Maa," and "Paa," making them perfect for your kids to carry when out shopping with you. These durable, lightweight, waterproof bags are a great way to start teaching your children how important it is to go green.
  6. Bazura Bags. Bazura Bags are made by a women's co-op in the Philippines of recycled juice packs. These unique, reusable green shopping bags are also very durable and have insulating properties from the recycled juice boxes.
  7. Baggu. Baggu makes large reusable shopping bags great for bigger shopping trips. Baggu's sustainable shopping bags can hold up to 25 pounds, yet can also fold up into a small, flat zippered pouch for easy storage.
  8. Flip & Tumble 24-7. flip & tumble 24-7 reusable green shopping bags are made from durable rip-stop nylon and are a great alternative to disposable shopping bags. These reusable shopping bags have a long strap and shoulder pad for easy carrying and come in a variety of cute, colorful prints.
  9. Envirosax Set of 5.Envirosax Set of 5 reusable, green shopping bags come in a variety of themes, like Botanica and La Boheme, and are a great choice for shoppers who need a number of bags for their large shopping trips, yet want to be stylish, too.
  10. Gecko Traders. Gecko Traders recycled bags are made from 100% recycled rice and feed bags that were used in Asia for transporting various goods. These awesome, recycled green shopping bags are one-of-a-kind and have been handcrafted by disadvantaged workers in Cambodia in small batches.
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