10 Best Ringtones 2009

If you're looking for  the ten best ringtones of 2009, all you have to do is check out the hottest songs of 2009. The ten best ringtones are all just clips of the hottest songs of 2009. Luck for you, the ten hottest songs of 2009 are , well, hot. Therefore, the ten best ringtones of 2009 are also hot. But, what are they? What are the hottest ringtones of 2009? Check these ringtones out. Here are the best ringtones of 2009.

  1. "Right Round" This jam by Flo Rida not only burned up the clubs, it melted cell phones across the country as well. The slight Electronica feel of the music makes for a great ringtone. The most used section of the song for hot ringtone purposes is the very beginning when he says "You turn my head right round, right round".
  2. "Boom Boom Pow" 2009 was the year for the Black Eyed Peas. Their hit "Boom Boom Pow"  monopolized the airwaves. It's only right that a song this popular became one of the best ringtones of 2009. There are so many hot sections of this song that there's multiple "Boom Boom Pow" ringtones floating around.
  3. "Calle Ocho" Pitbull is known for cranking out hits. Well this particular hit samples from a few timeless dance classics. It also moved into one of the most played songs of 2009. Like all the rest of them, if the song is overly popular, it'll end up as a hot ringtone.
  4. "Poker Face" You knew Lady Gaga would have to make an appearance on this list. Hell, she's on here more than once. It's all about the music. She's got an infectious sound that easily transitioned from the music world to people's cell phones. "Poker Face" has a pretty hard beat for a Pop Diva's jam.
  5. "Just Dance" See. Here she is again. Lady Gaga has effectively brainwashed the masses with her sound. As long as she's got great production behind her, you can bet she'll stay on the airwaves as well as in your cell phones. Don't feel bad if other dudes laugh at you for rocking a Lady Gaga ringtone. They probably have "Poker Face", it's just on the vibrate setting.
  6. "Best I Ever Had" Everything Drake does is hot. He's the new young gun of the Hip Hop and R&B world. He's one of the best crossover artists in years. When you've got that kind of billing, there will be ringtones in your future. Expect a lot more from this guy.
  7. "Lovegame" Yes another Lady Gaga song. It had multiple remixes. Every DJ in the country wanted to get their hands on this particular track. The beat is hot, and the music rocks. It's a great combination for a good ringtone. Just don't play your Lady Gaga ringtone collection out loud for your friends to hear.
  8. "Empire State of Mind" Come on, it's Jay-Z. Enough said. Jay's been hot since he stepped on the scene. It was just a matter of time before his sound bled over to your cell phones.
  9. "Pop Champagne" The Cash Money crew. They make some of the hardest beats in the industry. All you need for a hot ringtone is a hard beat and some cool music. Check this ringtone out. It's definitely one of the best ringtones of 2009.
  10. "Let it Rock" This song is the perfect blend of Rock and Hip Hop. It's probably the hottest ringtone of 2009 because of the unique blend of music. Kevin Rudolf and Lil Wayne make a good team. They also made a cool ringtone.
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