10 Best Ringtones Of All Time

In the age of technology and cell phones, the 10 best ringtones of all time have become a popular way to express yourself. Beyond the built-in tones in your phone's library—the basic buzzing, chings and chimes—are the funky hits of the past, today's chart toppers and the hilarious sounds that make people stop and listen. These are the ringtones that get attention–those that signal "call" and "cool" simultaneously. The following are the 10 best ringtones of all time—the ones you want to download to your own cell phone.

  1. "Somebody's Watching Me. " This '80s hit by Rockwell is still popular today, particularly because the song is featured in the Geico commercial with the funny talking Gecko.
  2. I Just Called To Say I Love You.” Another '80s hit by the romance guru Stevie Wonder, this ringtone is popular among lovers—a way to signal your sweetheart's call. Guys can score points with their girlfriend by saving this tone to their cell phone.
  3. Baby Don’t Forget My Number.” While this ringtone is more upbeat than the previous "lovetone," it's still considered a romantic gesture and a ringtone that your special someone will adore—compliments to the one (possibly two) hit-wonder band Milli Vanilli.
  4. "Boss's Ringtone." This obnoxious ringtone is also featured on a Geico commercial. It's equal parts catchy and cruel.
  5. "Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart." One of the 10 best ringtones of all time and a favorite among the ladies, compliments of Alicia Keys and her sexy, soulful voice.
  6. "Forget You." By artist Cee Lo Green, this ringtone made the top 10 list because it's both bold and brash— a cleaned-up version of the original.
  7. "My Girl." This ringtone is a motown-insprired classic by the Temptations.
  8. "Can't Touch This." Tell the world to stay away from your cell phone and step off your mojo with this top 10 ringtone.
  9. "We Will Rock You." This is truly one of the 10 best ringtones of all time. A seventies hit by Queen that still rocks us.
  10. "Stayin' Alive." One of the Beegees' best—an awesome male anthem and one of the 10 best ringtones of all time.
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