10 Best Road Trip Destinations in America

This list of the ten best road trip destinations in America will help you decide the perfect destination for your road trip, no matter what season or region. Taking a road trip anywhere in America can be very delightful and adventurous, too. There are certainly plenty of road trip destinations all throughout the country, and so, whether your road trip is just throughout your state or across the nation, there is a destination for you and your road trip companions to enjoy. Here are the ten best road trip destinations in America.

  1. Grand Canyon. On your visit to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, you can take a shuttle bus, a guided tour, or even a mule trip into the canyon.
  2. Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls is one of the most beautiful road trip destinations in America. Another one of America's free National Parks, Niagara Falls offers many beautiful attractions and sites in New York State and into Canada.
  3. Calico Ghost Town. Calico Ghost Town in California was developed during the silver rush of the late 1800s, but after the silver rush, Calico became a ghost town. This inexpensive American road trip destination has fun for the whole family!
  4. Las Vegas. If you are traveling without children, definitely consider Las Vegas as a road trip destination. This city in Nevada is full of endless entertainment, including gambling, restaurants, and plenty of attractions.
  5. New York City. If you're planning your road trip on the East Coast, consider going to New York City. New York City has something for everybody  including shopping, sports, Broadway shows, historical sites, and almost any kind of restaurant you could imagine!
  6. Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone is one of the best known National Parks in America and one of the best road trip destinations, as well. Yellowstone offers tons of beautiful wildlife and natural phenomena, like hot springs and geysers. Enjoy this beautiful National Park as your road trip destination.
  7. West Virginia. If your looking to get away from it all on your road trip, go to West Virginia. This state has some of the most beautiful and serene mountain, parks, and campgrounds in the country and is one of the most peaceful and best road trip destinations in America.
  8. Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum. Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum in St. Augustine, Florida has plenty of odd attractions and exhibits for people of all ages. This weird museum is certainly one of the best road trip destinations in America for anyone who likes oddities.
  9. Cave City. Cave City in Kentucky is one of the best road trip destinations for anyone traveling through the South or Midwest United States.
  10. Coronado Trail. This driving trail takes you through high deserts and forests of Arizona, and offers beautiful sites that will delight any American road tripper.



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