10 Best Robbery Films

Looking for the 10 best robbery films? One of the great movie genres is the robbery film, where the audience gets to participate in the planning, execution and escape of the thieves that populate these movies and makes them so engrossing. The 10 best robbery films each have in common heroes we can root for, compelling adversaries and twists and turns that keep us guessing until the final frame

  1. "Great Train Robbery" This 1979 film stars Sean Connery as a Victorian-era con man planning to steal 25,000 pounds of gold aboard a safe in a moving train. The meticulous attention to the details of the robbery makes for great drama, and ranks it as one of the ten best robbery films ever made.
  2. "Heat" The first-ever pairing of Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino playing scenes against each other, this 1995 classic pits them as thief and cop entwined in a thrilling game of cat-and-mouse. As DeNiro's master thief plots a major bank robbery, Pacino's cop is only steps behind, and the shootout outside a Los Angeles bank is a thrilling, action-packed setpiece considered one of the best ever filmed.
  3. "Ocean's Eleven" This 2001 remake features George Clooney and Brad Pitt as two charming grifters who cobble together an all-star team of thieves to rob four Las Vegas casinos simultaneously. A breezy romp that delivers a great twist ending, this easily makes the cut one of the ten best and most enjoyable robbery films.
  4. "Inception" This 2010 mind-bender by director Christopher Nolan, stars Leonardo DiCaprio as a thief capable of entering minds and stealing secrets. On his last job, he and his crew must infiltrate the subconscious of the heir to a corporate fortune, and plant an idea that will result in him breaking up his father's empire. Filled with incredible visuals, dense imagery and a last shot that calls into question everything you've seen, this is already considered a modern masterpiece.
  5. "Out Of Sight" This 1997 film stars George Clooney as an escaped bank robber who plans to steal from a wealthy man he met in prison. Complicating things are the federal agent pursuing him, played by Jennifer Lopez, who's developed feelings for Clooney's character. Great humor, tense moments and a unique love story make this one of the ten best robbery films.
  6. "Thomas Crown Affair" Pierce Brosnan's 1999 remake is a stylish robbery film about a millionaire who enjoys stealing valuable paintings while staying a step ahead of Rene Russo's detective. From the inventive ways Brosnan steals paintings to his sexy interchanges with Russo, this is a thoroughly enjoyable robbery film and one of the ten best.
  7. "The Usual Suspects" 1995 brought this twisty, crime caper about a group of thieves who meet in a police line-up and decide to rob a ship holding $91 million worth of cocaine from legendary criminal Keyser Soze. The film is told in flashback as Kevin Spacey's character recounts the robbery and everything that went wrong. A great neo-noir film with one of the best twist endings in movie history, this remains one of the best robbery films ever made.
  8. "The Asphalt Jungle" A hardened group of men plan and pull off a million dollar jewelry theft in this 1950 film noir, and then things fall apart in a flurry of double-crosses fueled by greed. A classic that exposes the underbelly of a city overrun with corrupt cops and femme fatales.
  9. "Dog Day Afternoon" This 1974 classic stars Al Pacino as a bank robber who needs money for his boyfriend's sex-change operation. The robbery itself is a tense, funny standoff that ends with an army of cops outside trying to negotiate release of the hostages.
  10. "Rififi" This 1955 French film about a jewelry heist in Paris, is famous for the fact that the heist itself contains no dialogue. A great robbery film that became an inspiration for others in the genre.
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