10 Best Rock Albums 2010

Our list of 10 best rock albums from 2010 features a wide variety of musicians, genres, and albums that rocked the year that was 2010. No matter what type of rock music you’re in to, you’ll be able to find a killer album or two on this list that will suit your needs as a rocker! So without further ado, here’s our list of 10 best rock albums of 2010 in no particular order.

  1. Matenrou Opera-“Abyss” Beginning our list with the newest addition to the 2010 line-up of rock albums is “Abyss” from Matenrou Opera. “Abyss” features a wide-variety of rock songs from ballads, heavy metal screaming, jazzy rock songs, and instrumental favorites. Some of the highlights off this album include "Coal Tar", "Frill", and "Finale…".
  2. 9Goats Black Out-“Tanatos” From their debut album “Tanatos” 9Goats Black Out, with their dark and mellow tone, released this killer album early in 2010. “Tanatos” features a wide-variety of songs from instrumental favorites to classic songs that will keep you rocking all year long. Some of the favorites off this album include "Heaven", "Negai" and "Atenanonaitegami"
  3. Versailles-“Julibee” Versaille’s second full-album, which was a tribute to dearly-departed bassist Jasmine-You, “Julibee” is an awesome album with a wide-variety of rock music that you’ll find yourself enjoying for years to come. This album features killer ballads, awesome, fast-paced rock songs, and some true classics that will keep you coming back for more. Some of the best tracks off this album include "Princess ~Revival of Church~", "Catharsis", and "God Palace ~Method of Inheritance~".
  4. -Oz-“Rouge” Another favorite from later in 2010, “Rouge” is another awesome second album from visual favorite -Oz-. This album features a wide-variety of songs from instrumental pieces to heavy metal scream fests! Some of the more memorable tracks off this awesome album include "Strings", "Rotate", and "Sky High".
  5. Oomph!-“Truth or Dare” Another great album that will appeal to an American audience from a foreign favorite is Oomph’s “Truth or Dare.” This album includes English favorites of some of their best releases in Germany. Some of the killers off this album include "Ready or Not (I’m Coming)", "Song of Death", and "Labyrinth".
  6. Mucc-“Karma” Taking a look at something a little different from your typical rock album is this new favorite from the experienced Mucc. “Karma” is a fast-paced album with techno influences laced with some killer rock music. Some of the hippest tracks off this album include "Falling Down" (Organic Edition), "Chemical Parade Blueday", and "Lion".
  7. Deathgaze-“Bliss Out Discs 1 & 2” Another album from a heavy-metal favorite featuring both old and new songs is “Bliss Out” from Deathgaze. This album features two discs: the first with new hits and the second featuring re-recorded oldies. Some of the favorites off each of these discs include "Proof", "God Bless You", "Sorrow", "Grace", and "Iridize Dream".
  8. Cocklobin-“Shi to Saisei” Another favorite album that’s become an instant favorite is this effort from Cocklobin. “Shi to Saisei” is a great album with instrumental pieces, hidden tracks, and awesome metal favorites. Some of the most outstanding songs from this one include "Wheel of Fortune/hidden song", "Delic", and "Umareochi ta Sekai".
  9. Bullet for my Valentine-“Fever” Taking a look at a favorite rock band for many of our younger listeners, “Fever” is a killer album from Bullet. “Fever” features some great, emotional ballads, hateful, metal classics, and some excellent rock songs that will rock you out. Some of the favorites off “Fever” include "The Last Fight", "Alone", and "Your Betrayal".
  10. 12012-“Seven” Finishing off our list with another foreign favorite, “Seven” is a strong release from the experienced musicians of 12012. “Seven” has some great rock songs that feature ballads, instrumental pieces, and heavy rock favorites. Some of the more memorable songs off this one include "Last Train", "Confession", and "One Step".
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