10 Best Rock And Roll Lead Singers

The 10 best rock and roll lead singers are more than just singers. They are the frontmen, and in some cases, the spokesperson and leader. Rock and roll lead singers put a voice to the songs and bands that we love.

  1. Steve Perry, Journey. Steve Perry made the list of 10 best rock and roll lead singers for his amazing range, technical skill, and powerful delivery.
  2. Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin. His distinct voice, coupled with charisma and stage presence, makes Robert Plant one of the best lead singers of all time.
  3. Bono, U2. Bono is a great lead singer not only because of his vocals, but because of his showmanship and overall persona.
  4. Grace Slick, Jefferson Airplane (Later: Jefferson Starship. Even later: Starship). The only female lead singer to make the list, Grace Slick wields a power that many vocalists can only dream of.
  5. Steven Tyler, Aerosmith. Steven Tyler's screaming vocals so distinctly define Aerosmith's songs. He is a high-energy, showy stage performer, and his voice and style earn him a place on the list of 10 best rock and roll lead singers.
  6. Roger Daltrey, The Who. Combined with guitarist Pete Townsend's guitar shredding, Roger Daltrey's searing vocals made for incredible rock concerts and recordings.
  7. Jim Morrison, The Doors. Jim Morrison was charismatic, theatrical, and sexual. These things, perhaps even more than his vocals, make him one of the best rock and roll lead singers.
  8. Axl Rose, Guns N' Roses. Axl Rose is a notorious rock and roll frontman, known as much for his antics as he is for his vocals.
  9. Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones. Mick Jagger was one of the first notable rock and roll lead singers performing well into his older age.
  10. Freddie Mercury, Queen. Freddie Mercury is perhaps the most skilled lead singer on the list. Known for his powerful, dynamic, and pure voice, he was also flamboyant and full of charisma.
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