10 Best Rock Campfire Songs

When you go out camping with your guitar, it helps if you know at least one of these 10 best rock campfire rock songs to entertain your friends and provide good material with which to embarrass yourself.  Not all the things on this list are rock songs, strictly speaking, but if they did not start their life out in the rock genre, at least someone did a rock cover.

  1. “Hotel California.” What makes this the best campfire rock song? It’s eerie melody, its scary story and a long guitar solo. The chords in this song are also easy for a novice guitar player.  With this song, listeners can check out any time they like, but they can never leave.
  2. “Hazy Shade of Winter.” Simon and Garfunkel originally performed this song. The all-girl 80s band, the Bangles, brought it into the limelight. Even when a person hears the folk version, it’s easy to think that this would make a great rock song. Male singers may find it easier to sing the same notes Paul Simon did when the movie appeared in Less than Zero.
  3. “American Pie.” If you are worried about this top 10 campfire rock song starting out as a folk song, remember that Madonna did a cover. While Madonna’s cover does not have the spirit or the same life or the original, it does allow an amateur guitar player to play it as a rock song around the campfire.  Take a break after this song. It is 8 minutes long.
  4. “Fly By Night.” This top 10 campfire rock song by Rush is full of energy. Uncoordinated guitar players may find it difficult to keep up the pace in this song. No one is expecting a professional performance at a campfire anyway. You do not need to worry about this too much.
  5. “Pinball Wizard.” Remind the people around the campfire of a somewhat outdated technology that the other people on the camp out came to get away from. The song repeats the guitar part throughout a lot of parts, making it easy to remember.
  6. “Paperback Writer.” Dear Sir or Madam will you read my book? Remind the struggling writer in the group around the campfire why he should not quit his day job just yet.
  7. Iron Man.”  Even though Black Sabbath’s song is heavy metal, how can it not appear on the list of 10 best campfire rock songs? The famous riff will not sound the same  on an acoustic guitar as it does on a electric one, but most people will recognize it.
  8. Kryptonite.” Three Doors Down started the Southern Rocker trend in the 1990s when they released this song as a single. The listeners won’t be dancing to it, but they will probably know most of the lyrics if they are old enough.
  9. Hound Dog.” Playing this Elvis classic around a campfire work’s best if you can pull off an Elvis costume.
  10. The Bard’s Song.” This song works best at the end of the night when people are getting ready for bed. Although this top 10 campfire rock song is not as well known as Led Zeppelin’s "Stairway to Heaven"¸ it makes considerably more sense while sober. Lord of the Rings fans will also like both versions of the song that exist.
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