10 Best Rock Musicians Ever

It’s hard to take a look at the ten best rock musicians ever simply because there’s such a wide-variety of bands and artists to look at. When considering such a proposition, trying to look at the ten best artists ever from a certain genre or period of rock music may be easier. But let’s try and conquer this task and look at the ten best rock musicians ever in no particular order.

  1. “Metallica” Metallica certainly deserves to be on this list. They may have started out in the genre of metal, but their music has progressively moved towards rock and metal. Metallica was able to overcome personal differences to continue creating excellent music to this day.
  2. “AC/DC” AC/DC is arguably more popular today than they were during the late 70’s to early 80’s. This band “shocked” the world hailing from the depths of Australia. AC/DC is still touring to this day, playing old favorites and even some new tracks.
  3. “Led Zeppelin” Led lived and died by its amazing riffs, haunting vocals, and those memorable harmonica notes. With Blues influences, laid throughout their songs, Zeppelin was able to appeal to a number of different fans and became the spitting image of Classic Rock.
  4. “Black Sabbath” Sabbath is one of the longest-tenured bands hailing from across the Atlantic. This band shook the world with their dark music touching on the subjects of love, sex, and substance abuse. While Sabbath went through many different members, most of their discography is considered to be a masterpiece.
  5. “Pink Floyd” Pink Floyd is one of the most popular rock bands ever. Pink Floyd doesn’t appeal only to classic rock fans but also appeals to the general public. While Floyd’s hay day only lasted mostly in the 70’s, their music still resonates with us today.
  6. “Ozzy Osborne” Ozzy as famous for his actions off-stage as he is for his music. While his off-stage antics may have over-shadowed his music, Ozzy has been creating some amazing music since the early 80’s after his stint with Black Sabbath. Ozzy still tours to this day and is creating new material.
  7. “Jimi Hendrix” While Hendrix’s career was unfortunately short-lived but he created some of the most awe-inspiring music ever heard in any genre. Hendrix was known not just for his music composition but also for his amazing guitar work. Hendrix is still extremely popular in many circles of fans while still inspiring young artists.
  8. “Lynyrd Skynyrd” The history of Lynyrd Skynyrd is tragic, but we still have their music to enjoy. A tragic plane accident in the mid 70’s killed a few of the key members of the band including vocalist Ronne Van Zant. His younger brother took up the torch as the band continues to tour today.
  9. “Blue Oyster Cult” Blue Oyster Cult is one of the most original rock bands of all time due to their unique sound. While they may have looked like hippies, their music wasn’t just psychedelic. Blue Oyster Cult uses many different types of elements in their songs and created some very memorable radio hits that are still popular to this day.
  10. “The Who” Last but not least, we’ll take a look at The Who. The Who is one of the earliest rock bands to hit the scene in the mid 60’s. The Who rocked the world with their amazing riffs, memorable live shows, and classic songs you’ll be humming all day. The band still tours to this day, even making a stop at the Superbowl.
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