10 Best Rock ‘N Roll Love Songs

The 10 best rock n' roll love songs are heavy and full of heart. Whether the song is fast-paced or more of a ballad, rock n' roll bands know how to deliver some of the best love songs in history. The juxtaposition of hard rock sounds with soft context is what makes these songs just so darn good.

  1. "You're My Best Friend" – Queen. This song is as sweet as the title suggest. Its all about being in love with your best friend and how great it makes the world feel. Queen is a melodic rock n' roll band. Lead singer, Freddie Mercury has the voice of an angel and the guts to belt it out.
  2. "When You Love A Woman" – Journey. Journey has been known for their epic rock songs. Alas, their love songs are all about showing their emotions. "When You Love A Woman" takes the gumption of Journey and the sounds of rock n' roll and melts it into a great love song.
  3. "Sweet Melissa" – Allman Brothers Band. Low and slow, like a good barbecue. The Allman Brothers Band sings a song about loving, you guessed it, a girl named Melissa. It doesn't take long for listeners to know just how sweet she really is.
  4. "Release" – Pearl Jam. Pearl Jam has a great, hard hitting sound with underlying melodic instrumentals. Their love song, "Release" is an exception. Eddie Veder's voice is as soft and as raspy as ever. He sings of love just an any rocker can manage and its too romantic.
  5. "Open Arms" – Journey. Once again, Journey is unrelenting with their power ballads. This song is about a man needing a woman so much that he is surrendering all of himself to her. Its rock n' roll, its a love song, its Journey.
  6. "May This Be Love" – Jimi Hendrix. Jimi Hendrix doesn't necessarily need to sing any songs in order for the love to be felt. His guitar playing can usually do that for him. However, in "May This Be Love", he brings soulful sounds on the guitar and in his vocals.
  7. "Feels So Right" – Alabama. Rock n' roll has never sounded so good. Alabama brought hard Southern rock to the masses. But their song, "Feels So Right" reminded followers that hard rock, defiantly has a soft side.
  8. "All of My Love" – Led Zeppelin. This song isn't only rock n' roll, but its sexual and romantic. Led Zeppelin gives love songs a new twist with their hit "All Of My Love". To say the least, they don't hold back!
  9. "Sweet Child O' Mine" – Guns N' Roses. In the midst of the metal hair bands of the 80's, Guns N' Roses came out blazing with their rock n' roll flare. "Sweet Child O' Mine" has a beginning that everyone around the world remembers. The second it begins, hearts melt everywhere.
  10. "The Reason" – Hoobastank. "The Reason" is Hoobastank's major hit. It consists of telling a woman that she is the very reason for being a live. It hits high points and meets low ones too.
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