10 Best Rock Remixes Of Rap Songs

Even if you don't like rap music, that doesn't mean you have to miss out on this list of the 10 best rock remixes of rap songs. In fact, many people who like the original songs also like these covers, and people who would never listen to these songs otherwise, are now acquainted with them due to these rock remixes branching out to a larger audience.

  1. "Lollipop" By Framing Hanley (Original by Lil' Wayne). This song is one of the best rock remixes of a rap song, as it stays true to the music of the song but completely turns it into a hard rocking song that is fun to jam out to.
  2. "California Love" By My American Heart (Original by Tupac). This rock remix of a rap song is one of be best due to the original beat being simple, yet powerful with its melodic guitar riff.
  3. "Umbrella" By All Time Low (Original by Rihanna). The upbeat tempo of this rock remix is fun and a good listen if for those who don't like the original song.
  4. "Gin and Juice" By The Berlin Project (Original by Snoop Dogg). The Berlin Project turns this iconic rap song into a catchy Ska cover, which enables the song to still maintain its "easy to toke to" essence.
  5. "Still Fly" By The Devil Wears Prada (Original by Big Tymers). When this old-school hip hop song was remixed by The Devil Wears Prada, they rocked the hell out of it and still managed to make the song easily recognizable. Their music is heavy, with powerful vocals and fast drums.
  6. "Still Not A Player" By Incubus (Original by Big Pun ft. Joe). Incubus kept the funky demeanor of this classic rap song, and included samples of the original version in their rock remix.
  7. "Hey Ya!" By Lorene Drive (Original by Outkast). With it's high energy and easy alternative rock style, this cover would make a great song to play at a party or one to jam out to while driving.
  8. "I Wanna Love You" By The Maine (Original by Akon ft. Snoop Dogg). This remix doesn't stay true to the original beat at all, so it hardly sounds like an actual cover and more like an original song. It's upbeat and easy to listen to.
  9. "I Wish" By The Secret Handshake (Original by Skee Lo). This song is rather catchy for a remix that seems to be entirely made on a keyboard, as it completely takes away all essence of the original rap song.
  10. "Tennessee" By New Found Glory (Original by Arrested Development). This rock remix is one of the best because it still captures the heart ache of the original rap song and the chorus is extremely catchy.
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