10 Best Rock Singers

Selecting the 10 best rock singers is not the same thing as choosing the finest technical vocalists. Rather, the best rock singers are those, that when one of their songs come on the radio, you immediately know who it is. Furthermore, they have voices that can make you even listen through bad songs. They're also the people you want to be when you're singing in front of the bathroom mirror, hairbrush in hand. Those that do not care to be the center of attention, need not apply.

  1. Bono. Bono never growls when singing U2 songs. However his passion is undeniable and there is just a beauty in his voice, unlike any other's.
  2. Elvis Presley. Elvis had a swagger that has never been duplicated.
  3. Freddie Mercury. He could go from the rockabilly of "This Thing Called Love," to the faux-opera of "Bohemian Rhapsody", and all with the theatrics of a true star. 
  4. Robert Plant. Plant is tall and imposing. He sang the blues with Led Zeppelin, and is now doing Americana music.
  5. Janis Joplin. One of the few girl's that was given the red carpet treatment in the boy's club.
  6. Bon Scott. AC/DC don't need no stinkin' ballads with this man screaming out rocker after rocker.
  7. Grace Slick. No city was ever built on rock & roll, but you could easily build the case that Grace Slick is one of the most distinctive singes — ever.
  8. David Bowie. Whether he is being a freak or a smooth soul man, Bowie always commands attention.
  9. Roger Daltrey. The scream at the end of "Won't Get Fooled Again" is proof that Daltrey was screamo, before screamo was cool.
  10. Jim Morrison. Morrison somehow made The Doors spooky and sexy at the same time. How did he do that?
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