10 Best Rock Song Lyrics 2010

The 10 best rock song lyrics 2010 come from some of the best bands that are out there making music right now. Here you will find the song, the band, why their lyrics are the best and a sample of the lyrics from the rock song.

  1. “The Good Life” by Three Days Grace is one of those songs that makes you want to stand up and sing along. Everyone wants to have a good time and to have a good life, and that is what this rock song is all about. “The good life is what I need. Too many people stepping over me. The only thing that's been on my mind. The one thing I need before I die.”
  2. “Crying Like A Bitch” by Godsmack is a great song to dedicate to people that get on our nerves. It's mean, but truthful. “Strut on by like a king. Telling everybody they know nothing. And long live what you thought you were. And time ain't on your side anymore.”
  3. “Another Way To Die” is an apocalyptic style song by Disturbed. It definitely makes one think about what we are doing to our world. “An apocalyptic plight. More destruction will unfold. Mother Earth with show her darker side, and take her toll.”
  4. Listen to “Erase My Scars” by Evans Blue to know exactly why it is on this list of best rock lyrics of 2010. “Fight this time. Inside, take a break from the lie you live. I came this far erase my scars.”
  5. Breaking Benjamin is one of the best bands of this decade. There song “Give Me A Sign” is on the best rock lyrics list because it is an awesome rock song. “Take this life. Empty inside. I'm already dead. I'll rise again.”
  6. If life is taking it's toll it is time to listen to “Kick In The Teeth” by Papa Roach. “Say what you want, take your shots. You're setting me free with one more kick in the teeth.”
  7. “Unraveling” by Sevendust is a great song for the brokenhearted. It is a sure way to let the anger out. “So here we are now, break what's already broken. I guess I could've seen this coming if you'd been around.”
  8. “Feel Like I Do” by Drowning Pool is an anthem for life and the trials we go through. “Raise your hands if you feel like I do. Scream it loud if you feel like I do. Bring the hell if you feel like I do, like you do, like we all do.”
  9. “Fractured (Everything I Said Was True)” by Taproot makes the best lyrics of 2010 as one of the best and newest songs of this year. “Everything I said was true. Everything except that I love you.”
  10. Lastly, the best rock lyrics of 2010 would not be complete without the return of the Deftones with their song “Diamond Eyes.” “Time will see us realign. Diamonds reign across the sky. Shower me into the same realm.”
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