10 Best Rock Songs Of 2006

Rock was full of passion in the year 2006, and these are the 10 best rocks songs of 2006. Each song is memorable in it's own way and each band is loved greatly by their fans. The rock of the 2000's took the world away from moody grunge rock and gave it some feeling again.

  1. “Diary of Jane” by Breaking Benjamin hit #4 on the music charts in 2006. This song is found on the album “Phobia” and is apparently a song paying homage to 1930's/40's film star Jane Bryan.
  2. “Animal I Have Become” by Three Days Grace is one only of their very catchy rock tunes that can be found on the “One X” album. This band rocks out hard, both live and recorded. In 2006 they were just becoming known and now they are a staple of the current rock genre.
  3. Jack White took a step away from the “White Stripes” to take a chance with a new band, “The Raconteurs."  Their music was a hit. 2006's “Steady As She Goes” deserves it's place on the best songs list of 2006.
  4. “Facedown” by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus took the radio world by storm in 2006. This song deals with the treatment of violence in relationships and gives a great anthem to people all over the world that have suffered from domestic abuse.
  5. In 2006 the television show “Grey's Anatomy” made the song “How To Save A Life” a popular tune in most home. The Fray had a couple good songs in 2006, but this one is the most notable.
  6. “Wasteland” by 10 Years hit the airwaves in December of 2005, but it gained great momentum in 2006. This anthem about human rights is definitely one of the best songs of 2006.
  7. Red Hot Chili Peppers remain popular and 2006 was no exception for them. They could have many songs on this list, but “Dani California” is the song that made this list for it's stellar lyrics and awesome beat.
  8. Nine Inch Nail's “Every Day Is Exactly The Same” may remind some people of their own lives. It is because of the ability of the lyrics to draw in the listener that this is one of the best songs of 2006. “Every day is exactly the same, There is no love here and there is no pain.”
  9. "Photograph" was on the charts in 2005 and in 2006, and it made those that didn't already love Nickelback fall for their authentic rock music. “Photograph” is a great song about the past.
  10. Buckcherry opened the airwaves to the truth behind some women, that they could be classified as a “Crazy Bitch.” This song is surely a rock anthem and remains popular to this day.  
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