10 Best Rock Songs About Falling In Love

If you want to play a cool love song for a fun date, check out the 10 best rock songs about falling in love. While they are romantic, they're not your typical ballads. These songs rock their emotions and affections on love. You'll want to add them to your play list.

  1. "Burning Love" by Elvis Presley. This was an early rock and roll hit about love. It's classic Elvis. It's an upbeat rock song about an all-consuming sort of love.
  2. "I'm Your Man" by Leonard Cohen. This rock song is a fun, over-the-top song about a man's undying devotion to being the man in the life of the woman he loves. It's seen many interpretations, including ice dancers rocking out to it. While it's tempo is more on the mellow side, it's a song that rocks.
  3. "All the Things She Said" by t.A.T.u. This song rocks as a love song. Sung by two women who often kiss during the performance of the song, it's a beautiful love song about someone reflecting on all the things her lover has said.
  4. "With or Without You" by U2. This is a more unconventional love song. The music and lyrics are haunting, and you'll find yourself perhaps singing this to your love.
  5. "Forever" by John Stamos. This is a rare, unbeatable rock love song. It originally aired on "Full House" as the song that Uncle Jesse sang to Rebecca during their wedding. It's cool rock sound and backing choir is easily recognizable, and it's become a cult classic rock love song which is often requested for weddings. John Stamos sometimes plays it on tour with The Beach Boys, with whom he plays the drums.
  6. "Two Princes" by The Spin Doctors. This is another fun love song that rocks its way around an interesting story. The singer speaks of the two choices that his love has, and he confesses that he is the one on the losing end. Yet, he explains that he knows what a prince and lover ought to be.
  7. "I Hate Everything About You" by Three Days Grace. This is a really rocking love song. Despite the harsh title, it's the story of a tragic, magnetic love that simply persists in spite of the couple. Chloe Lattanzi did an interesting cover of this song on the MTV show, "Rock the Cradle."
  8. "I Got You Babe" by Sonny and Cher. This is a classic rock love song. It's hard not to sing along when this song comes on. It's the song that says, no matter what else is going on, if you have the one you love, everything is really okay.
  9. "Addicted to Love" by Robert Palmer. This is a 1980s rock love anthem. Often remembered for its video with the brunette models with matching black dresses and their hair in buns, this song tells the story of a man who is, as you might guess, addicted to love. Also worth listening to: Weird Al's send-up of this song called "Addicted to Spuds."
  10. "No Matter What You Do" by Olivia Newton-John. This is a rock song about unconditional love. The album was written as Olivia was recovering from breast cancer, and its positive message and lyrics are flawless. This song is a wonderful song to dedicate to the person whom you love no matter what.
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