10 Best Rock Songs About Friends

Hardened rockers might tell you that listing the 10 best rock songs about friends is gay. Yet even the toughest metal dude needs a friend now and again. So let's count the friendliest rock songs of all time.

  1. "Lean On Me" Bill Withers. When you can't stand up for falling down, Bill Withers is there for you.
  2. "With a Little Help From My Friends" The Beatles. Wouldn't you know John and Paul would make Ringo play the Sensitive Guy. And he played it quite well, too.
  3. "Your My Best Friend" Queen. This song really is gay. But then again, it's sung by Freddie Mercury, after all.
  4. "I'll Stand By You" The Pretenders. When leather-tough Chrissie Hynde gets tender, everybody pays attention.
  5. "Reach Out (I'll Be There)" Four Tops. Levi Stubbs comes off like the best friend you never had while singing this one.
  6. "Waiting On A Friend" The Rolling Stones. The video, for a change, really sells this one. As if The Stones have nothing better to do, but to wait around for a buddy.
  7. "Why Can't We Be Friends? War. This one is subversive and sarcastic. It's not really and ode to true friendship. Nevertheless, it's one of the best things War ever recorded.
  8. "Stand By Me" Ben E. King. What do you want to bet The Pretenders' song was an answer to King's song? In it, he needs more than love; he needs a true friend.
  9. "In My Life" The Beatles. When you think about it, The Beatles reached for nostalgia at quite a young age for this one. They weren't even 64 yet!
  10. "You've Got A Friend" James Taylor. "Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall/All you've got to do is call." But just how many calls from fans has this iconic singer/songwriter actually returned?
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