10 Best Rock Songs About Getting Back Together

Ever wonder which 10 best rock songs about getting back together are still played? Starting over again can be better than the first time. If you have realized how much you need and want that certain person in your life again these rock songs about getting back together will be the beginning point.

  1. "Reunited" by Peaches and Herb. Off the "2 Hot" album, this song describes a person realizing they let go of someone dear to them. "Reunited" has been a favorite make up song for many couples since its release in 1978, making this the oldest rock song about getting back together to make our list.
  2. "Dying" by Five For Fighting. AKA John Ondrasik or Vladimir John Ondrasik. Dying comes from the 2004 album titled "The Battle For Everything". "Dying" is a  rock song about parting ways and one hoping to get back together.
  3. "Get Back Together" by Everything But The Girl. From their fifth album titled, "The Language of Life", Get Back Together (released in 1990) takes a unique third person perspective to convincing a person to go back to an ex lover.
  4. "Over and Over Again" by Nelly and Garth Brooks. Off of Nelly's fourth album, "Suit" which was released in 2004. This duet is about a mans view on not being able to get a love out of his mind.
  5. "Just Once" by James Ingram. Off of the 1981 "Dude" album (Quincy Jones), "Just Once" is a song that speaks of love that keeps trying. James Ingram never recorded this song on any of his own works.
  6. "Far Away" by Nickelback. Off of the "All The Right Reasons" album (2005), "Far Away" is a song about not giving up on being together again after a time apart. This best rock song about getting back together has a must see video to accompany the music .
  7. "We Belong" by Pat Benetar. In 1984, from the "Tropico" album Pat released "We Belong". The song describes feeling that two people are meant to be together despite a woman feeling like she is being treated badly.
  8. "Right Now" by Van Halen. With Sammy Hagar on vocals on the "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge" album. Right now talks about living in the moment and forgetting the past. Right now has been used in soft drink commercials making this the most advertised rock song about getting back together.
  9. "Forever" by Kiss. Released in 1989, "Forever" is a man, who for a long time thought he would never love, realizing he needs the woman in his life. "Forever" can be found on the "Hot in The Shade" album.
  10. "Open Arms" by Journey. Released in 1982, the song is about a couple trying to get back together. From the "Escape" album, "Open Arms" still is a best rock song about getting back together.
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