10 Best Rock Songs To Make Love To

"Rock" is a derivative of "rock and roll," a euphemism for sex, so narrowing down the 10 best rock songs to make love to is really like choosing from every rock song ever. Luckily, some songs come right out and say what's on everybody's dirty mind.

  1. “Feel Like Makin’ Love.” Bad Company sure love "love" a.k.a. sex. The English hard rock group famous for songs like "Can't Get Enough" and "Ready For Love," delivered one of the best rock songs to make love to with “Feel Like Makin' Love.” It’s rock and roll like it should be: dumb and straight-to-the-point. Put this on and make a statement: Let's do it now.
  2. “Whole Lotta Love.” When Led Zeppelin weren’t referencing the Lord of the Rings and playing fake-reggae, they were writing some of the best rock songs to make love to, and “Whole Lotta Love” takes the cake. If your love needs “coolin',” play this song and give her some “schoolin.” Just don’t tell her you’re her “backdoor man.” Leave that up to Robert Plant.
  3. “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?” Paul McCartney sings one of the best rock songs to make love to in this song off The Beatles' White Album (the same album on which he sings about his dog and a big slide.) Put this song on to get in the mood, but refrain from playing Paul’s music hall number “Honey Pie”; you'll be kicked out of bed before the chorus kicks in.
  4. “Paradise By The Dashboard Light.” Park by the lake where there’s “not another car in sight” and put on this classic Meatloaf single, one of the best songs to make love to. Hopefully you won’t be asked to make her your wife, as Ellen Foley sings in this epic sex song. The Phil Rizzuto baseball breakdown is classic.
  5. “Love Buzz.” Kurt Cobain was anti-macho and a true feminist, but that didn’t keep him from introducing this dirty song into Nirvana’s repertoire. With lyrics like “Can you feel my love buzz?” and a hypnotic beat, it’s one of the best rock songs to make love to on a shag carpet.
  6. “Hurt So Good.” John Mellencamp is a man who sings songs for the working man. When he makes love, it’s rough. Play this song and make love like you're in the heartland.
  7. “Start Me Up.” Mick Jaggers sings “If you start me up, I’ll never stop,” in this song off The Rolling Stones "Tattoo You.” While you can interpret it as a statement about the band’s never-ending career, the song’s really about sex, in a sleazy way only the Stones could pull off, making it one of the best rock songs to make love to.
  8. “Pour Some Sugar On Me.” While it’s not advisable to actually pour sugar on your lover (unless you’re into that sort of thing), it’s definitely a good idea to throw on this Def Leppard classic. Not only is it one of hair metal’s ultimate anthems, it’s one of the best rock songs to make love to.
  9. “Dancing In The Dark.” Turn out the lights and let The Boss guide your love-making session with this song off his massive album “Born In The U.S.A.” Do it like Springsteen while listening to one of the best rock songs to make love to.
  10. “Sex On Fire.” Kings of Lean transformed from a swamp-rock band into a modern-rock powerhouse with the release of singles like “Sex On Fire.” Whatever the hell the lyrics mean, it’s clearly about great sex. Put this song on if you’re into porno for pyros.
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