10 Best Rock Wedding Songs

You can add fun and energy to your special day with the 10 best rock wedding songs. From power ballads to dance hits to oldies, these tunes are sure to get your guests out onto the dance floor to help you celebrate.

  1. “White Wedding.” Topping the list of the 10 best rock wedding songs is the Billy Idol classic, which—along with its vocalist—figured in the romantic comedy, "The Wedding Singer." Put on your best glam-punk attitude to celebrate with this tribute to starting afresh.
  2. “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?” The bride has obviously answered this question in the affirmative, but Jet’s high-energy, fun hit is sure to liven up the dance floor anyway.
  3. “I Believe in a Thing Called Love.” The Darkness takes listeners to all new heights both lyrical and vocal in this fast-paced anthem. Celebrate your belief in love by singing along with this hit that belongs on any list of the top rock wedding songs.
  4. “Wouldn’t it Be Nice?” This feel-good rock classic by the Beach Boys pairs a lilting melody with sweetly naïve lyrics. And, playing a golden oldie like this just might lure the senior set onto the dance floor.
  5. “Modern Love.” David Bowie may profess to reject “Modern Love,” but that doesn’t mean you and your guests can’t enjoy this upbeat rock song as you celebrate your wedding.
  6. “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles).” How far would you walk for your love? Let The Proclaimers answer for you in this merry melody that will have everyone on the dance floor jumping up and down and singing along.
  7. “Friday I’m in Love.” The Cure abandons their usually depressing tone in this whimsical rock song. Even if your wedding isn’t on a Friday, you and your guests can enjoy the fun, frolicsome feel of this 90’s hit.
  8. “All I Wanna Do.” Sheryl Crow is ready to have fun, and you should be, too. The hard work of planning your wedding is over, and now you and your guests can rock along to this light-hearted jam.
  9. “Beautiful Day.” Let U2 help you commemorate your special day with this anthem, which features a joyful, soaring chorus ideal for a wedding rock song.
  10. “Open Arms.” Journey’s power ballad makes for a great slow dance, especially at a wedding. With its assurances of accepting love and “Open Arms,” the song might even trigger a few moist eyes. 
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