10 Best Role Playing Board Games

There are as many lists of top 10 best role playing board games as there are gamers. However, with the rise of RPG games popularity in the PC and console gaming industries the RPG board game list has seen a few revamps. What constituted a great RPG board game a few years ago may not measure up to what RPG gamers want now. This list comprises the best of RPG board gaming to date.

  1. Dungeons and Dragons This game will always remain as a standard for RPG tabletop gamers. The Dungeons and Dragons Basic Game combines the greatness that is D&D with board gaming perfectly. This was the game that introduced many future RPG gamers to the genre.
  2. Tales of the Arabian Nights If you enjoy fantasy, Arabian lore, and RPG gaming then this is the game for you. This game introduced the concept that for a true RPG to work you had to have the right players.
  3. Warhammer 4000 This RPG board game has a huge following that expands into it's MMORPG realm. Using miniatures to play out your battles is just one of the features of this war zone battlefield game.
  4. Talisman Talisman is one of the better RPG board games in that every turn the player takes sees action. There is no take a turn and wait in this game. The character advances, battles, and gains knowledge with every round to keep you aware and on your toes.
  5. Runebound Dark rulers, ancient mystics, and heroes? Who could ask for anything more in an RPG board game. This game has it all and with the right players can lead to several hours of RPG journeys.
  6. Starcraft This game is a must have or at least a must play for any RPG gamer that is looking for a board game with strategy. It can be played with two to six players and gives newcomers to Starcraft a great insight into the game that has made PC gaming history.
  7. Order of the Stick In the RPG world humor is a necessity. This is an RPG game meant for the laid back fun night with friends. If you are an avid RPG gamer then grab some friends and poke some fun at not only your character but at the fantasy genre.
  8. Munchkin Quest You would be hard pressed to find any RPG board gamer that has not either played of or heard of Munchkin Quest. With this game there is the added twist of being able to backstab your own friend. Who could ask for anything more?
  9. Prophecy This is a rare RPG board game but many gamers agree that this is a must play. If you are a new player then this game is a great and interesting tutorial to the world of RPG board gaming. With quests, a good story line, and room for any level of player this game set the bar for many future RPG board games.
  10. Arkham Horror It is difficult to find horror board games in the RPG world. Most RPG games center around fantasy and elves. Arkham Horror takes a different path with the gamer. With an old time horror film feel and a touch of H.P. Lovecraft this game is great for any horror lover out there.

Though some of these games are rare and hard to find they are all definitly worth the hunt. With the rise of RPG games it's worth a few moments to take a look at the games that started it all. RPG board games are the backbone to the gaming community. Take some time out and pay respects to these forerunners in the gaming world.

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