10 Best Rolling Stones Songs

Curious to know what the 10 best Rolling Stones songs are? Well, it’s definitely a debatable topic, but this list of Rolling Stones songs are loved and acknowledged by fans. In fact, there’s probably a classic rock radio station playing a few of them right now.

  1. “Paint It, Black” There really couldn’t be a better choice for number one. This song is dark, and it rocks hard. In fact, there aren’t any other songs that rock harder with a sitar in them.
  2. “Start Me Up” Yes, it was the theme for that Windows 95 commercial, but don’t let that ruin it for you. It only proves that Microsoft has good taste in music. This song is driven by a killer drum beat and a simple riff. If you were listening to it right now, you’d enjoy it.
  3. “Satisfaction” This is another great song by the Rolling Stones that is driven by a simple drum beat and a great riff. If you haven’t figured it out yet, rock and roll is founded on simplicity. If a song is simple, and still rocks, people will like it.
  4. “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” Another song that lays it down with simplicity. Some people don’t necessarily like this song. There’s only one problem with that: they don’t make Whoopi Goldberg movies based on bad songs. That alone makes it good.
  5. “Moonlight Mile” This Rolling Stones song was also used as a movie title. In fact, this song played a large part in the movie. Unfortunately, the movie itself didn’t seem to gather enough attention to bring the song back into the public eye. Well, it’s still a great song by the Rolling Stones, and here’s some more recognition for it.
  6. “Brown Sugar” Rolling Stones songs are notorious for taking instruments that aren’t necessarily associated with rock and making them rock anyway. This time you hear a slick saxophone playing throughout the track, and somehow it sounds amazing with that blues, crunch guitar sound.
  7. “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” Why is this song great? An unusually wise statement from the Rolling Stones. When things don’t go your way, this song will always remind you, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need.”
  8. “Sympathy for the Devil” This song’s drum and bass drive this track. In fact, if you only heard the drums in this song, you might confuse it for an electro-house song. Upbeat music combined with Jagger’s dark imagery make this song a classic.
  9. “Gimme Shelter” This song builds a little slower, but allows the Rolling Stones to show off their musical talent more than listeners are used to. In many ways, this song captures the sound of the 60s golden era of rock.
  10. “Wild Horses” This ballad can suck you in immediately, and almost anybody can relate to the song’s lyrics. In fact, many people would have placed this above “Moonlight Mile,” but “Wild Horses” already has enough love. Sometimes, the underdog gets support for being the underdog.
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