10 Best Romance RPGs for PC

Many gamers never thought that there would ever be a top ten best romance RPGs for PC list. This is due in part to many games, up until recently, leaving romance out of the game play story lines. Now we all know you can't have a life without a little bit of romance so why should RPG's be any different? Thankfully, there are some companies who understand the need for a solid romance plot. If you have been on the hunt for this subject matter in your RPG regimen then look no further than these top ten romance RPG's for the PC.

  1. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic by Bioware Any good list of the ten best romance RPGs for PC should contain Bioware at least once if not several times. Knights of the Old Republic is perfect for those gamers that want a solid building romance without sacrificing any quality story telling or game time.

  2. Dragon Age: Origins by Bioware The controversy of a homosexual or lesbian relationship allowed in this game caused a whirlwind of media coverage.

  3. Jade Empire by Bioware I know it seems as though Bioware is dominating the top ten romance RPGs list but in truth they deserve it. Bioware consistently brings romance RPG gaming to a new level and they do not disappoint with Jade Empire. Jade Empire has a solid plot and the added bonus of a threesome  to build up to.

  4. Witcher by Atari This game tops all the lists for romance in RPG gaming and offers more than the standard romance. Instead of picking one character to practice your suave skills on you can actually have several bed encounters through the game while still keeping the usual romance on the side.

  5. Baldur's Gate 2 by Interplay and Bioware Yet another Bioware game out there with the romance gamers crave. If you are looking for an old style RPG with plenty of romance this is the game for you. Just playing the game for an hour will show you exactly why it is at the top of many best romance RPG lists.

  6. Rise of the Argonauts by Liquid Entertainment This game tends to get mixed reviews where top romance RPG gaming is concerned. It really does depend on what you are looking for. If you have run the course of Bioware and are looking for something with more action while still keeping the romance storyline then this may the game for you.

  7. Final Fantasy VII by Square Enix This game is a classic in any gamer groups but it does surprisingly hit the top ten romance RPG list. The game has it's wonderful elements of story telling and the romance tends to surprise a few gamers. Final Fantasy VII is worth at least a look.

  8. Fable by Lionhead Studios Lionhead offers it's gamers the ability for a romance and even marriage in this famous Microsoft produced RPG. It has remained on top ten romance RPG lists since it's debut.

  9. Neverwinter Nights by Atari This series, brought to gamers by Atari, is one of the top listed on best romance RPG games for the PC. There are several in the series and the romances are all controlled by the gamer. The gamer can choose to play them or decide not to instead of having the romance interwoven with the adventure.

  10. Mass Effect by Bioware You can not have a top ten romance RPG list without giving a slight nod to Mass Effect. Though the cut scenes are not as in depth as Dragon Age they still pack a good punch and add a wonderful much needed element to the story.

With these ten games you will definitely find a high quality gaming experience, romance, and plenty of late night gaming hours to keep you busy. There are of course others out there but these ten take the cake on giving a good mixture of the RPG experience, romance, and action without letting any of the three aspects falter and fizzle out. It is not wonder that these games remain on top ten best romance RPG lists around the world.

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