10 Best Romance RPGs

If you like your role-playing video games spiced with romance, here are the 10 best romance RPGs on the market today. Online customers and game reviewers give all ten of the games high marks. Designed for various game platforms, and ranging in skill level and purchase price, our list has something for everyone.

  1. “Sakura Wars: So Long My Love.” “Sakura Wars: So Long My Love” is a 2010 single-player RPG in the popular Japanese franchise. Featuring anime-style characters and scenes, this strategy role playing game is also a great dating sim. The game is available for PlayStation2 and Nintendo Wii.
  2. “Knights Of The Old Republic.” “Knights Of The Old Republic” is a 2006 role-playing game in the popular “Star Wars” franchise. With a balance of action and dialog, plus a steadily building romance, this RPG is one of the best romance games for role-players. Available for Xbox and PC.
  3. “Jade Empire.” Following the success of “Knights Of The Old Republic,” BioWare and Microsoft introduced “Jade Empire” in 2006. Gamers enter a world inspired by Chinese myth and legend. In addition to martial arts and mystical powers, “Jade Empire” features lush gardens, supernatural enemies, dark secrets and, yes, romantic encounters. Available for Xbox and PC.
  4. “Mass Effect 2.” “Mass Effect 2” is a 2010 role-playing game from Electronic Arts. Act II in a sci-fi RPG trilogy, the game features heavy weapons, epic battles, and love scenes that add another element to the story. Available for Xbox 360, PlayStation3, and PC.
  5. “Dragon Age: Origins.” Another 2010 game from Electronic Arts, “Dragon Age: Origins” is a romance RPG that takes gamers into a fantasy environment of violence, betrayal, and lust. The popular game is available for Xbox, PlayStation3, and PC.
  6. “Neverwinter Nights.” “Neverwinter Nights” is a 2002 PC game from Atari. It’s a “Dungeons and Dragons” role-playing game filled with ancient dungeons, monsters, and intriguing encounters. Players can interweave romance into their adventures in this still-popular romance RPG.
  7. “Lunar: Silver Star Harmony.” “Lunar: Silver Star Harmony” is a 2010 role-playing game from Xseed. The classic, original “Lunar” story is expanded here, with new cut scenes and sequences. One gamer described the game as a romantic “save the princess” story. The game is designed for Sony PSP. Other remakes of the original game are available for various platforms.
  8. “Luminous Arc.” “Luminous Arc” is a 2007 Atlus game with anime-inspired graphics. It’s a good introduction to tactical strategy role-playing games. Good and evil, God and witches, personality changes, and lots of romance–this is what gamers can expect with this RPG. 
  9. “The Witcher.” “The Witcher,” a 2007 Atari game, also makes our list of ten best romance RPGs. The story-driven game features herbs and potions, heavy combat, and magic–including magical “mature” love elements. Available for PC.
  10. “Thousand Arms.” Rounding out the list of best romance RPGs is “Thousand Arms,” a 1999 Atlus game. High artistry and excellent graphics make this anime-inspired game a real treat. Anyone who likes amusing situations and challenging game play and, of course, romance will enjoy this game for PlayStation.
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