10 Best Romantic Film Scenes

Here are the 10 best romantic film scenes. There are so many wonderful romantic films, with powerful scenes, that coming up with a list of only ten scenes doesn’t seem fair. In order for a scene to make our list, it had to be highly emotional with talented actors who were able to make the viewers feel the intense emotions they were portraying.

  1. “Titanic.” This movie was full of unforgettable romantic moments between Rose and Jack. But, the one that made our list is the scene that had rose jumping off a descending boat and back onto the sinking ship where she rushes to the love of her life.
  2. “The Notebook.” Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams share a romantic boat ride. Afterwards, they share a romantic kiss.
  3. “A Walk to Remember.” Landon and Jamie perform together in a play. The passion is obvious on Landon’s face as he watches Jamie sing a song. When she sits down next to him, he kisses her.
  4. “The Wedding Singer.” Julia is on her way to Vegas to marry a man she doesn’t love. The true love of her life discovers that they are on the same plane, so he surprises her by singing a song that he wrote just for her, called “I Want to Grow Old With You.” Afterwards, she declares, “I am so in love with you.”
  5. “Never Been Kissed.” The leading female star of “The Wedding Singer” returns to our list in “Never Been Kissed.” She plays a reporter, posing as a high school student to get a story, where she ends up falling in love with a faculty member at the school. After he discovers the truth and lets go of his anger, he meets her to share her first kiss.
  6. “Pretty Woman.” A prostitute and rich man fall in love. At the end of the film, he climbs up her fire escape and presents her with some roses.
  7. “Breakfast at Tiffany's.” When a socialite falls in love, there is drama. But, at the end of the film, the lovers share a romantic kiss in the rain.
  8. “10 Things I Hate About You.” A high school boy, played by Heath Ledger, is paid to go out with a tough girl, who he end up falling in love with. The boy finally catches her interest when he goes out on a limb and sings “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You.”
  9. “Sixteen Candles.” An unpopular girl has one bad experience after the other throughout this entire film. But, at the very end, her popular crush surprises her by waiting for her outside of her sister’s wedding. Afterwards, they share a kiss over a birthday cake.
  10. “Sleepless in Seattle.” The main female is afraid that her fiancé isn’t her soul mate. At the end of the movie, she meets her true soul mate at the top of the Empire State Building.
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