10 Best Romantic Gifts For Girlfriend

The 10 best romantic gifts for your girlfriend can make her see you in a whole new light. The trick is to do something she isn’t expecting. The romantic gifts she will remember most are those that show you made an effort to please her and show her how you feel.

  1. Jewelry Pick a piece of jewelry that would have special meaning for your girlfriend. A locket with a picture of the two of you, a silver key (to your heart) or a charm bracelet that you can add to as time goes by are all thoughtful gifts.
  2. Spa treatments Spoil her by getting her a gift certificate for a massage or get her a whole day of beauty treatments. Your girlfriend will be thinking about you all day.
  3. Picture frame One of the least expensive but meaningful gifts you can get your girlfriend is a picture frame with a picture of the two of you. Or go all out and get a photo book made if you have stacks of photos you want to give her.
  4. Love letter In this age of email and texts, it is so romantic to get a love letter in the mail. Be sure to actually mail it to your girlfriend. It is a keepsake she will treasure through the years.
  5. Picnic Even if you don’t cook, you can fill a picnic basket with food from a gourmet shop or even a local grocery store. Add some wine, a blanket and some chocolate covered strawberries for a romantic evening sure to be one of the best romantic gifts she’s ever gotten.
  6. Memory basket Fill a basket with things that will remind your girlfriend of special moments together. Some ideas are a DVD of the first movie you two watched together, a small photo album filled with pictures, the first flowers you sent her or tickets to an annual event you both enjoyed. In short, put in anything that evokes a special memory for the two of you.
  7. Message in a bottle Use a wine bottle, a perfume bottle or any kind of empty decorative bottle for your container. Write her a note, roll it up and tie it with ribbon. Place the note in the bottle and put in the stopper or cork.
  8. Lingerie You are walking a fine line with this one. Buy something she will feel good in and don’t make it so provocative that it seems more like a gift for you than for your girlfriend.
  9. Art If your girlfriend is an artist or appreciates art, buying her a piece of art is one of the most unique romantic gifts. Be sure to stick with what she loves instead of your own taste in art.
  10. Poems You might think it sounds corny, but a poem is a thought she can carry around with her and every time she reads it she will think of you. Buy her a book of poems and put a bookmark in the page of the poem that makes you think of her.
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