10 Best Romantic Movie Scenes

When it comes to the 10 best romantic movie scenes, the following scenes offer different things. Some of the romance is really sappy love, while others are kind of amusing and humorous or really sad. These romantic scenes will have your heart aching as well as singing. 

  1. "Titanic" (front of the ship scene) Set to a romantic song and invoking that ever-convincing "do you trust me" line, nothing is more romantic than feeling like you are flying with your love behind you during a sunset. This is, without question, one of the ten best romantic movie scenes. 
  2. "Ghost" (clay turning scene) Nothing says love like getting all dirty and sticky with wet clay. This is one of the best romantic movie scenes because it shows the intimate and passionate side of love. 
  3. "Sleepless in Seattle" (end of the movie) The whole movie builds to this iconic romantic scene, which adds to the drama by making it a near miss. This has to be one of the best romantic movie scenes ever. 
  4. "Pretty Woman" (limo scene) This scene portrays the modern version of a knight on a white horse coming to the castle window to whisk Vivian away. What woman doesn’t, at some time, dream about someone rescuing her? That makes this one of the ten best romantic movies scenes.
  5. "The Notebook"(writing scene) This scene is one of the ten best romantic movies scenes ever because it talks about lost love. After not having seen each other for seven years, Noah and Allie think the other has forgotten them, but they find out they had both made attempts to contact each other. Nothing like pent up love all coming out at once.
  6. "The Wedding Singer" (airplane scene) This comedic, yet romantic scene shows the cute side of romance. One of the ten best romantic movie scenes ever, this scene is able to still pull our heartstrings without being too serious.
  7. "Twilight" (car crash scene) Being saved by your secret love is probably one of the best ways to break the ice. One of the ten best romantic movie scenes ever is this scene in "Twilight." Edward saves Bella from the truck that almost ran over her and the way they look in each other’s eyes is very high on the romance scale without even so much as a kiss.
  8. "Casablanca" (kissing scene) One of the ten best romantic movie scenes ever is the kiss in "Casablanca." This short but sweet scene is known nationwide and is the gold standard in the category of telling someone you love them and then kissing. 
  9. "Love Actually" (signs scene) This romantic scene is a little different because it is a romance of unrequited love. The girl Mark loves is married to his best friend and he copes by ignoring her. Finally, on Christmas Eve, he comes by her house and tells her with signs he loves her. This is one of the ten best romantic movie scenes ever because of Mark's sincerity.
  10. "Wall-E" (EVE is turned off scene) This is one of the ten most romantic scenes ever even though it stars animated robots. EVE goes into stand-by mode, so Wall-E pulls her along on a romantic journey, caring for her while she is unable to care for herself.
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