10 Best Run DMC Songs

Listing the 10 best Run DMC songs of all time is an easy task, as Run DMC is the best rap duoever. This act came along well before gangsters took over the hip-hop world, and created funny and true-to-life raps. So you could call these two "Fun DMC," in the interest of full disclosure.

  1. "Walk This Way"  When Run DMC collaborated with Aerosmith on this hard rock classic, everybody knew at that moment how much rap and rock had in common. For many years prior, rappers had sampled rock & roll records to rap over. But, at last, both worlds were now beautifully intersected.
  2. "It's Like That" Run DMC can brag about their skills with the best of them, but "It's Like That" showed all suckers how to create social commentary in rap.
  3. "King of Rock" The reason why Run DMC fit together so well with Aerosmith was that this was one hip-hop act that truly rocked.
  4. "My Adidas" Okay, this one is pretty obvious example of product placement. But hey, Nike never received the same royal treatment.
  5. "It's Tricky" Yes, Run DMC also knows how to trumpet mad skills, exemplified by this track. No, kids, don't try this at home.
  6. "Mary, Mary" This one may not be on everybody's list, but it ought to be. It just has such a cool groove, which reveals Run DMC's way with melody.
  7. "Jam-Master Jay" It's a little hard to listen to this excellent cut now, especially because it might make you grieve over the death of Run DMC's man on the wheels of steel, Jam-Master Jay.
  8. "Down with the King" The "Run" in Run DMC is now known as Rev. Run, and this rap introduces us to a newly converted Christian in a genre where Christianity has rarely thrived.
  9. "You Talk Too Much" Everybody can relate to a rap like this one because we all know somebody who never shuts up. Put this on your iPod and play it for the guy at the office with a mouth that roars.
  10. "Christmas in Hollis" Hey, who says you can't have rap Christmas carols? Run DMC never got that memo. If they did, they merely burned it.



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