10 Best Running Shoes For Overpronation

If you overpronate, you should learn about the 10 best running shoes for overpronation before you get you next pair of shoes. Overpronation means your foot collapses inward when you run and can vary from mild to severe. If you don't have running shoes to correct overpronation, you could sustain a running injury. Here are the ten best running shoes for overpronation:

  1. Mizuno Wave Alchemy 9 This running shoe for overpronation provides maximum medial arch support while still being a lightweight running shoe. This running shoe is ideal for runners with moderate to severe overpronation. This stability shoe has a secure mid-foot and a wide toe box. This running shoe is best for bigger runners.
  2. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10 The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10 is the ideal running shoe for runners with moderate overpronation. These best running shoes will stay responsive during your long runs and keep your feet from becoming fatigued. The Brooks Adrenaline features a full-length "MoGo" mid-sole which promotes heel to toe push off.
  3. Nike Lunarglide This best running shoe for overpronation delivers maximum cushioning with flywire on the mid-foot for enhanced stability and support. The Lunarglide can be used as a daily trainer and is the ideal running shoe for mild to moderate overpronaters with medium arches revolutionary cushioning. 
  4. Nike Zoom Equalon+ 4 The Nike Equalon is the ideal running shoe for runners with moderate overpronation problems and medium to flat arches. The Nike Equalon features an arch strap for extra medial arch support and stability. The Nike Equalon corrects overpronation by promoting a more neutral gate.
  5. Nike Air Span 7 The Nike Air Span is a best running shoe for overpronation. The Nike Air Span corrects overpronation by keeping your heel in place, which reduces the inward roll of your foot. The Nike Air Span has maximum durability and cushioning. The waffle outer sole allows you to run on many different types of surfaces.
  6. Nike Zoom Structure Triax 13 This best running shoe for overpronation fits your foot snugly while allowing your foot to move in a more efficient way. The Nike Zoom also features reflectors for running in the dark. The Nike Zoom has minimal cushioning to promote control and stability and is ideal for medium build runners with medium to low arches.
  7. Adidas Adistar Salvation The Adistar running shoes for overpronation feature a dual support system in the mid-foot to discourage inward roll. The Adistar has a seamless upper part, which provides you with a perfect fit. These best running shoes are ideal for the severe overpronator.
  8. Mizuno Wave Renegade 4 These best running shoes are somewhat stiff and very stable. The Renegade 4 features three columns of foam in order to restrict excessive ankle movement. The Wave Renegade is the best overpronation running shoe for a larger runner with medium to flat arches. If you like a tight heel, the Wave Renegade is not the best running shoe for you.
  9. Mizuno Wave Alchemy 10 The Mizuno Alchemy running shoes are designed to give you a smooth transition. The VS-1 technology provides responsiveness while still maintaining cushioning and shock absorption properties. The Mizuno Wave Alchemy has a narrow heel in order to keep your heel from rolling inward.
  10. Pearl Izumi SyncroPace 3 The SyncroPace is a best running shoe for overpronators. The SyncroPace has very stable mid-foot support and a firm forefoot. The Pearl Izumi SyncroPace is the ideal running shoe for a bigger runner or a severe overpronator who needs maximum stability with durable cushioning. Smaller runners might find this shoe too restrictive or heavy. 
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