10 Best Running Watches

You’re looking for the 10 best running watches. You’ve been jogging with your Movado and it isn’t really working out. It’s not great for timing, it’s metal, and it’s heavy as hell. You need something light, functional, and built for sport. Have no fear: below you’ll find a wide selection of excellent running watches to meet your criteria and then some.

  1. Timex Ironman Global Trainer GPS with HRM. As the name indicates, this watch is stacked with goodies. Not your regular Ironman, the Global Trainer is a customizable watch that displays up to four screens simultaneously, allowing you to know the time, your heart rate, your speed, and one of a number of other features with a quick glance. One of the ten best runner’s watches, the Global Trainer is also GPS enabled.
  2. Garmin Forerunner 305. The Garmin Forerunner has a customizable tri-screen set up. It’s a bulkier watch than the Ironman, making it a bit of a pain in the ass to run with, but its features, such as the GPS breadcrumb system that allows you store the routes you run, more than make up for how cumbersome the time piece is.
  3. Suunto T4. Though the Suunto T4 isn’t actually the advanced Terminator model its name suggest, it might as well be with all the artificial intelligence this running watch packs. The T4 is perfect for the runner with specific training regimes and a cardio-based workout. One of the ten best running watches, it tells you the time while keeping track of obscure data like how long your rest times were during a run.
  4. Garmin Forerunner 110 with Heart Rate Monitor. The Men’s Garmin Forerunner 110 with HRM is one of the ten best watches for runners. With a comfortable rubber strap and a pleasing and easy-to-read digital face, the Garmin Forerunner would be a great watch even without the monitor that measures heart rate, speed, pace, calories.
  5. Solesus Surge X Heart Rate Monitor. The Solesus Surge X Heart Rate Monitor is a simple watch, for those who like fuss free time keeping while running. The watch has 100-lap memory for runners looking to average their time, and a heart rate monitor and calorie counter, all of which can be easily accessed with a few buttons.
  6. Nike Midsize Triax. The Nike Midsize Triax is a relatively inexpensive, no-frills running watch with a minimum of features. The watch sits on the wrist at an angle, making it easier to read while a runner is in motion. The features allow runners to store up to ten laps, and pre-program optimal times for distances and compare them to actual times after a run.
  7. Adistar Pro Curve. One of Adidas’ few contributions to the running watch market, the Adistar Pro Curve is one of the ten best running watches for its lightness and ease of use. A small, thin watch, the Pro Curve barely weighs anything. It has a curved surface for easy reading while in motion, and a shadow racing function, which allows you to race yourself by monitoring changes in your pace.
  8. Timex Ironman Shock 30 Lap. The Timex Ironman Shock is similar to the Ironman higher on this list, without the GPS and HRM monitor functions. It’s a simple, easy-to-ready, brightly colored running watch with thirty lap recall, a 99-lap counter, and a simple stopwatch.
  9. Casio Men’s Digital Sport Watch W756B-1AV. The Casio Men’s Sport Watch is so free of presumptions it can’t even bothered to have a real name; it’s just got an identifying number. The watch itself is diesel. If you’re a clumsy or rough runner, this is the watch for you. One of the ten best running watches on account of it simplicity, it has a stopwatch, stop watch, and is water resistant.
  10. Armitron Men’s Chronograph Sport Watch. Just starting out with running? Not sure it’s gonna stick? Don’t give a rat’s ass about your heart rate or calories or a watch with a freakin GPS? Looking for something strong and simple that tells time? Armitron’s Chronograph Sport Watch is the running watch for you.
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